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Frequently asked questions

You must have insurance to drive your ATV on a public roadway or trail.

If you've altered your ATV, we might not approve some modifications. For example:

  • Modifications to the frame or suspension
  • Any modification that increases the power by over 25 cc’s

Other factors that can prevent us from issuing a policy are:

  • Your ATV is used in competitions
  • Your ATV doesn't have a distributor in North America
  • The ATV is a youth model

Learn more about insuring your ATV.


Snowmobile insurance is mandatory in most provinces; however, rules, restrictions and coverage minimums vary by province.

Snowmobile insurance is separated into two categories:

  • Mandatory coverage
  • Optional coverage

Mandatory coverage includes Third-Party Liability, Direct Compensation, Uninsured/Unidentified Snowmobile and Accident Benefits.

TD Insurance optional coverage includes Specified Perils Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, Collision or Upset Coverage and All Perils Coverage.



If two or more motorcycles are owned or leased by members of your household, and are all insured with us, you could save on your premium.

A premium discount is available if you get an approved alarm system professionally installed.

If you insure your motorcycle and car with us, you may be eligible for our Ride and Drive Discount. And if you insure your motorcycle and home with us, you’re eligible for the Multi-Line discount.

Please note discounts may vary by province.


Many insurers, including TD Insurance, don't offer coverage to those who only carry an M1 license, as it's not considered a valid license.

To obtain your full M license (final step in the graduated licensing program), you'll need to pass your M1 (written test) and M2 (road test).

When you purchase insurance, the rider(s) of the bike will be a factor in the cost of your premium. An experienced M licensed rider with a clean record will pay less compared to a newly M2 licensed rider.

Learn more about motorcycle licensing and insurance requirements.


With these terms sometimes used interchangeably, it may be difficult to know the difference. Here's an overview:

  • RV - A recreational vehicle (RV) is used as an umbrella term to describe a motor vehicle or trailer with liveable space.
  • Motorhome - A motorized vehicle that has a liveable area (equipped with a sleeping area, kitchen and bathroom).

Both RVs and Motorhomes require mandatory coverage which varies by province, but always includes liability coverage. TD also provides additional optional coverages.


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