What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you own a business vehicle, or are frequently using one to transport products or tools, or to make deliveries, you should have Commercial Auto insurance. The vehicles of your business are essential in helping you drive your business forward, and the right coverage will give your wheels the security they need, if an unexpected incident occurs.

Who needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

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Coverage Options for your Small Business

TD Insurance offers small business owners the basics of commercial auto insurance, plus additional coverage options to suit your business needs.

Third Party Liability

Coverage if you injure someone or damage their property, and you are the at-fault driver.

Accident Benefits

Coverage to help you recover from injuries caused by an accident, regardless of fault.


Coverage for damages caused to your vehicle in an accident, regardless of fault.

Additional Coverage Options

Comprehensive, Family Protection, and All Perils are options to consider.

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Claim Scenarios for Commercial Auto Insurance

Potential Claim:

While out for a delivery, you are driving down a country road, and accidently collide with a cyclist. The cyclist is seriously injured and requires medical attention.

Potential Outcome:

Provides protection if you're at-fault in an accident for injuring or causing death to a third party or damaging their property. In this scenario, your third-party liability car insurance may cover the third party's collision-related expenses.

Potential Claim:

You're driving from your warehouse location to your retail storefront to restock inventory. While driving, you get in a collision with another vehicle causing damage to the vehicle and some of your inventory.

Potential Outcome:

Collision coverage helps pay to repair your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident where you are at-fault, or if you are hit by an unidentified vehicle (hit and run). If the vehicle is found to be unrepairable, the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle would be determined and paid. Your commercial property policy with business contents coverage may provide coverage for damages to your inventory.

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