Stay safe with Severe Weather & Safety Alerts

Severe weather events can result in significant damage to some of your most valuable assets: your property and vehicles.

With a little notice, you could be better prepared and protect your home and cars when severe weather is expected in your area. Get timely alerts directly on your phone by signing up for Severe Weather and Safety Alerts through the TD Insurance app.

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Severe Weather & Safety Alerts Features

  • Localized, Timely Alerts

    Get notified about incoming severe weather events straight to your phone.

  • Prevention Advice

    Alerts come with helpful tips on how to prepare for upcoming severe weather.

  • Track Multiple Locations

    You can receive alerts for up to two locations e.g. your home and your office.

How do I sign up?

  • 1. Download the TD Insurance app

    Download the TD Insurance app by clicking one of the links below.

  • 2. Enable notifications

    Go to Settings and Enable Notifications.

  • 3. Add your locations

    Add up to two locations that you would like to track such as your home and place of work.

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With the TD Insurance app, you can access convenient features whenever and wherever you need them. You can start a claim, manage your policies, get a quote, and download your pink card.

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Have questions?

Visit our FAQ page for more information on Severe Weather & Safety Alerts.

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  • Avoid getting caught without your pink card. Download the digital pink card to your mobile wallet.

This service does not detect all types of severe weather events. The weather can be unpredictable; safety alerts are sent out to those who have signed up for this service, via the TD Insurance app, as soon as the information becomes available. Sometimes, this can be after the severe weather event has passed or is underway. There are no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, with respect to this service; notably, the timing and accuracy of Safety Alerts.