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TD Insurance Auto Centres

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TD Insurance Auto Centres

The One-Stop for Claims Advice, Vehicle Repairs, and Rentals

We’re here for you when it matters most


TD Insurance Auto Centres are innovative auto shops, which provide a unique and holistic experience for TD Insurance customers. This means we will:

  • Walk you through the claims process
  • Repair your vehicle
  • Provide a rental*

If you've been in an accident, simply call and book an appointment at the nearest Auto Centre where you can consult an on-site Claims Advisor. A Certified Repair Technician will evaluate damages to your car and complete repairs. We offer a lifetime guarantee for these repairs, as long as you own your vehicle and remain insured with us.

Conveniently enough, if you need a rental*, we have a rental service onsite, too. The rental you receive will be typical to what you drive now. There are also lounges and amenities, so you can relax during your visit. This includes complimentary coffee and unlimited Wi-Fi.

Now located across Canada, from Alberta to Nova Scotia, we offer extended hours to meet your needs. This means we are open late and on Saturdays too! All in one-stop, let us be there for you.

  1. Call & report Call us at 1-866-454-8910 to make a claim and book an appointment with a claims advisor at the centre.
  2. Bring in your carDrop your car off at the nearest TD Insurance Auto Centre, meet with your claims advisor, and get set up with a rental car (if eligible*).
  3. Pick upWe will contact you when your car is ready for pick up. It’s that simple.

Listen to what our customers are saying

Eric: My experience was great, it's easy taking care of everything in one place.

Caron: I had a very good experience. The team was really good and knowledgeable.

Rituraj: It was helpful being able to rent a car at the TD Insurance Auto Centre. It saves a lot of time and hassle."

Not a TD Insurance customer, but want coverage that fits?

TD Right Fit Coverage Assessment

Find the car insurance coverage that best fits your needs.

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