Why is Accident & Health Insurance important?

Our Accident & Health Insurance covers Accident & Sickness plans and Health & Dental Plans.

Our Accident & Sickness plans help provide financial support for you and those you care about in the event of an eligible accident, illness, death, or disability.

While the Health & Dental plans help to cover routine as well as unexpected health-related expenses.

Explore our plans below and choose the coverage that best suits your needs.

Explore our Accident and Sickness Insurance Plans

Table Chart1

TD Critical Accident Recovery Insurance Plan

TD Critical Illness Recovery Plan

TD Accidental Death Insurance Plan

TD Accident Disability Insurance Plan

Plan description

Provides a tax-free lump sum payment in the event of a covered critical accident.

Provides a tax-free lump sum payment to use however you choose, should you be diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, a heart attack or stroke.

Provides a tax-free lump sum payment to your beneficiaries if you were to pass away due to an accident as covered in the Insurance Certificate.

Provides a tax-free monthly benefit to help replace lost income, in the event of a covered disability that leads to you not being able to work.

Age eligibility

18 to 64

18 to 54

18 to 65

18 to 60

Medical or health questions required?





Family coverage

Yes (Spouse2 and Dependent Child(ren)2 coverages are available)


Yes (Spouse2 coverage is available)


Product Availability

Eligible TD customers only

All eligible TD and non-TD customers

Eligible TD customers only

Eligible TD customers only

The above information is intended as a summary only.

Please refer to the below Sample Insurance Policy/Certificate for defined terms and a full description of features, benefits, limitations and exclusions.

Health & dental plans provided by Green Shield Canada (GSC)2

  • GSC Health Assist ZONE®

    ZONE plans may be suitable for those without group benefits, such as self-employed or contract workers, small business owners or freelancers.

  • GSC Health Assist LINK®

    LINK plans may be ideal for those whose employee benefits are ending due to retirement, career change, age, or job loss.

Frequently asked questions


1. How do I submit an Accident and Sickness claim?

Claim forms are accessible from our website at tdinsurance.com or by calling us at 1-877-397-4187 from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST and Saturdays 10 a.m.to 6 p.m. EST.

2. Are there any exclusions to Accident and Sickness coverage plans?

There are some situations where a benefit won't be paid, including self-inflicted injuries, suicide, criminal activity, and the use of illegal drugs or substances.

Please refer to the following Sample Insurance Policies/Certificates for a full description of features, benefits, limitations, and exclusions with our coverage plans.

3. What is the definition of an accident?

An accident, as defined under our Accident & Sickness Insurance plans, is a bodily injury that occurs as a direct result of a violent, sudden and unexpected action from something external to you.

This definition of accident does not include:

  • Any illness, medical condition or congenital defect.
  • Injuries resulting either directly or indirectly from any illness, medical condition or congenital defect.

4. What if I'm already covered for accident and health insurance under another plan?

Our plans could provide benefits on top of your other coverage benefits, depending on your needs.

5. What is the main difference between Accidental Death, Critical Illness and Life Insurance?

Accidental Death Insurance provides a lump sum benefit to the named beneficiary(ies) or estate if a covered accident leads to the death of the insured person.

Critical Illness insurance provides a lump sum benefit to the person insured if they are diagnosed with one of the illnesses covered under the plan.

Life Insurance pays a lump sum benefit to the named beneficiary(ies) or estate on the death of the life insured, regardless of the cause of death, with some exceptions.


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TD Accident and Sickness group and personal insurance plans are underwritten by TD Life Insurance Company.

1For defined terms, limitations and exclusions, refer to the applicable Insurance Certificate or Policy
2GSC Health Assist plans are provided by Green Shield Canada (GSC)

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