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Go paperless with digital documents

Switch to paperless and access your insurance documents anytime, anywhere:

  • Avoid the clutter of paper documents
  • Get timely email notifications when new documents are available
  • View, download, share, or print anytime as needed

Switching to paperless through MyInsurance is incredibly quick and easy.

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Tired of paper clutter?

Switching to paperless makes managing insurance documents easier.

  • Digital insurance documents are official
  • You can choose your preferred delivery method for each policy
  • You can easily change your document preferences or opt-out at any time

Learn more about commonly asked questions by visiting our FAQ page >

Switching to paperless

1. Login

Sign in to your MyInsurance account.

2. Go to Document Centre

Navigate to Document Centre or Manage Policies and click Document Preferences.

3. Set your document preference to paperless

Edit your preferences to reflect how you want to receive your documents. Simply select paperless from the drop-down menu.

Need more support? Use the step-by-step tutorial available through the Digital Academy >

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