Now you can buy insurance online

We’ve made it easy for you to get coverage

You can now get an insurance quote and buy your insurance online — in just minutes!

Get the right type of insurance that suits your needs. And, if you have questions along the way, we’ll provide you with help and support.

Plus, get 5% off when you get a home, condo or tenant insurance quote online, and an additional 5% off when you complete your purchase online. That adds up to 10% off on eligible coverage in your first policy term *.

Here’s how you can buy insurance online

Start your quote

Begin your insurance quote online by answering a few questions. With the information you provide we’ll be able to:

  •   Assess your needs and recommend coverage
  •   Determine what discounts are available to you
  •   Give you the most accurate quote

And of course, it’s all 100% confidential.

Customize your coverage

Once you've completed your online insurance quote we’ll provide you with our recommended coverage options based on your individual needs.

You’ll be able to:

  •   Adjust your deductible amounts
  •   Alter your coverage limits
  •   Proceed with buying online

Set up payment, review coverages and buy

Once you’re satisfied with your coverage, you can:

  •   Review your payment options
  •   Confirm your payment method
  •   Review your summary

Now you can finish the process and put your feet up.

Pick up where you left off

Not ready to buy? No problem! Once you’ve completed your online insurance quote, we’ll send you an email including your quote details along with a secure link that you can use to retrieve your quote later and complete your purchase. You can also access your completed quote using the button below.

Next steps after buying home or car insurance online

We’ll send you an email with a detailed summary of your policy.

You can also:

  • Register for MyInsurance to review and manage your policy anytime
  • Download your pink card
  • Change your coverage and/or billing information.

And, we’ll send you a paper copy of your policy documents to your address.

Ready to get started?

Get an insurance quote online in minutes

Need help throughout the online process?

When it comes to finding coverage that works for you, we’re ready to help guide you — and getting started with the online quote process is easy.

Once you receive your insurance quote you’ll be provided with the appropriate support to help you get the coverage that suits your needs. Plus, you can always contact us to learn more.

Why choose TD insurance?

Committed to savings

With the TD Insurance Savings Commitment, we will help you find ways to save on your insurance.

Coverage that fits

Personalized coverage recommendations so you can feel confident your coverage fits your needs.

Here for you when it matters most

With TD Insurance, you'll get outstanding customer service with claims support available 24/7

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