Meeting the needs of all our customers

Each customer’s experience matters

Our commitment to customer accessibility is not just about providing the right products, services and facilities. It’s also about the way we treat our customers. Our employees receive training on accessibility initiatives as well as training to build awareness of diverse customer needs.

Enhance your online TD experience

Learn how to customize the accessibility features on your computer and mobile device to make your online TD experience more comfortable.

Accessibility features are available on a number of mobile/desktop browsers and operating systems, and some of the more popular features include:

  • Increasing text size
  • Adjusting page zoom
  • Enhancing page colours
  • Having page contents read out loud

For help on customizing any of these features, choose the appropriate link(s) for your operating system and/or browser below.

Operating Systems


To learn how to use the zoom magnification features or enable high-contrast text, choose the link for your browser:

Internet and telephone services

Our Advisors are equipped to serve hearing impaired clients over the phone through the Relay Service.

We are also reviewing all of our websites to identify any inaccessible content, and we will take steps to make our websites accessible to all customers.

View our Accessibility Commitment