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By requesting a call-back, you will be connected with one of our specialized Private Client Advice Insurance Advisors to discuss your unique needs.

*To qualify, you must have a residential property with a minimum market value of $2 million.

Welcome to Private Client Advice

A bespoke and unparalleled experience that exceeds your expectations and protects your lifestyle

We want to safeguard what matters most, by customizing an insurance plan that protects the extraordinary lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build. From the finer possessions in your personal life to the finer details of your TD insurance coverage, we want to ensure we offer you the best possible insurance advice every step of the way.

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Your unique lifestyle deserves a unique service

A classic timepiece. Vintage wines. Luxury cars. They’re more than just valuable possessions. They’re your pride and joy, your true passion. So it’s only natural that you want to safeguard what matters most to you.

Welcome to TD Insurance Private Client Advice. A bespoke insurance service that is tailored to meet your expectations based on your unique insurance needs.

Whether it’s providing you with a premier appraisal service or the right amount of coverage, our goal is to ensure you are supported every step of the way.

Exceptional service that goes above and beyond

We want to ensure that your insurance experience is unparalleled. And it all starts by providing you with one-on-one access to a dedicated TD Insurance Private Client Advice Insurance Advisor — your single point of contact who will partner with you to facilitate your insurance solutions.

Superior solutions that suit your lifestyle

We value the commitment you’ve invested in your prized possessions. Let us help you protect them by reviewing your assets, offering customized insurance advice and providing you access to a team of Specialized TD Insurance Private Client Advice Insurance Advisors.

A modern approach for a modern world

To meet your needs now and in the future, our service is constantly evolving through a responsive, bespoke, collaborative approach that enables us to keep up with you and the ever-changing world.

Coverage without compromise

Your appreciation for the finer things has created an extraordinary lifestyle for you and your family. TD Insurance Private Client Advice has specialized coverage for your remarkable assets:


High-value homes and condos, island, seasonal and heritage homes.


Luxury vehicles.


Recreational vehicles, watercraft, yachts. Plus, cross-border insurance coverage.


Jewellery, fine art, wine and collections.

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Elevate what you expect from insurance

TD Insurance Private Client Advice

Let us customize an insurance plan that protects the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build. Speak with a TD Insurance Private Client Advice Insurance Advisor today.