Travel Medical Insurance 101

Guide to travel insurance

Travelling to somewhere new is a thrilling experience. However, unexpected medical emergencies can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. No one plans on becoming ill or experiencing an injury while travelling – but it is something everyone should plan for. There’s confidence that comes with knowing that you could have coverage for certain travel-related medical emergencies.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance plans can provide coverage for unforeseen costs associated with things like eligible illness, injuries, or delays and cancellations. With a variety of coverage plans available, look for a travel insurance plan that works for you and your specific needs.

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How does travel medical insurance work? What is covered under travel medical insurance?

Travel medical insurance can help safeguard you against a range of medical costs when travelling. Travel Medical insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance plan you choose. So, it is important to review the terms of your policy to see what the coverage includes.

Some examples of the type of benefits included in TD Insurance's travel medical insurance plans include:
  • Emergency hospital costs
  • Prescription medication costs; and
  • Air ambulance.

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What does top-up of travel insurance mean?

Travellers may have some level of travel insurance coverage through a credit card, or through their employer when travelling for work. Sometimes, these plans only provide coverage for a certain number of days. In general, top-up insurance provides coverage for additional days not included in your existing plan. The ability to top-up an existing travel insurance plan varies by insurers. Speak to your travel insurance provider before you travel to see if you are eligible to top-up your existing travel insurance.

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Is it necessary to buy travel medical insurance before flying?

Travel insurance is optional, so you don't always need to buy it. But the right insurance plan could help you avoid expenses associated with illness, injury, or the cancellation of a flight. You should consider travel insurance before departing for your trip, as you may be ineligible to apply for it once you've left the country.

What is trip cancellation insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance can help you avoid expenses if your trip is unexpectedly cancelled for the reasons stipulated in the insurance policy. Depending on the coverage you choose, trip cancellation insurance could reimburse you for non-refundable, pre-paid expenses like flights or accommodations.

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How to choose a travel medical insurance plan?

Different insurance plans will cover different types of expenses. The type of travel insurance plan you need will depend on your specific situation. Some things to consider when picking a travel insurance plan are:
  • Whether you’re travelling within Canada or internationally
  • The duration of the trip
  • The number of travellers requiring coverage
  • Your existing coverage, if any.

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Does my credit card offer travel insurance?

Certain credit cards may provide some level of travel insurance. The specific coverage offered will vary by providers and depends on the type of card you have. Even if you do have coverage, be sure to check it before assuming that it is sufficient to cover any unexpected costs that might occur.

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Is travel insurance necessary when travelling within Canada?

You may be surprised to learn that your provincial healthcare may not cover all medical expenses when visiting a different province or territory. What is and isn’t covered when visiting different provinces can vary. For example, some provinces will not provide coverage for expensive medical services, such as air ambulance transportation or prescription medications.

Purchasing travel insurance could help pay for expenses such as air ambulance transportation and prescription medications which may not be covered under your provincial healthcare plan.

What does travel insurance cover when travelling outside Canada?

Travel insurance could be valuable to have when travelling internationally. It can help you avoid expensive bills if you end up needing medical attention overseas.

From insurance coverage to safety tips, here are some things to consider before travelling internationally.

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