Domestic Travel Insurance within Canada

About to embark on some domestic travel within Canada, outside of your home province? There’s a lot of fun to be had inside our borders and, when you pack for a Canadian vacation, you should consider adding travel insurance to your travel checklist.

Here are some things to consider for travel insurance, plus other tips for when you travel within Canada.

Does my provincial/territorial healthcare plan cover me outside of my province?

You might be surprised to learn that your provincial healthcare system only provides coverage for certain things when visiting a different province or territory, and it may not cover the entire cost either. What is and isn’t covered when you head elsewhere in Canada will vary. For example, some provinces will not provide coverage for expensive medical services such as ground ambulance and air ambulance transportation.

Without insurance, you could be stuck with an expensive bill for emergency transportation. With the TD Insurance Single-Trip Medical Plan, TD Insurance Multi-Trip Medical Plan and TD Insurance Multi-Trip All-Inclusive Plan, you could have medical coverage for these sorts of expenses.

How can I stay safe in a city or region I’ve never been to before?

  •   Use good judgement. If a situation seems dangerous or puts you at risk, avoid it.
  •   Protect your sensitive information online. Avoid using public Wi-Fi when checking important personal information.
  •   Protect your sensitive information offline, too. Don’t share too much information with strangers.
  •   Do not travel in unlicensed or unmarked vehicles. If you’re using a rideshare app, make sure the details on the app match the vehicle you see.

Do I need my passport if I’m travelling between provinces in Canada?

  •   Unless you’re using your passport as ID, there’s no need to carry this document with you. This includes domestic flights where there are other forms of ID you can use.

Safety tips for families

  •   Travelling with children? Make sure they have contact information for you if you happen to get separated.
  •   Keep a record of emergency numbers for the area so you can reach out for help if needed.
  •   Keep doors locked and teach your children to not open room doors for strangers when staying at hotels.
  •   If there are allergy concerns in your family, do some research ahead of time to make sure where you’re going – from accommodations to restaurants – won’t be a health risk.

Tips for expectant mothers

  •   Make sure you call your travel insurance provider to understand your coverage and if there are any exclusions that may apply to you as an expectant mother.
  •   Consult with your medical provider before you travel so you can know of any potential health risks attached to the activities planned for your trip.
  •   Pack a pregnancy-minded travel kit so you have what you need on hand at a moment’s notice.

More tips to remember before travelling

  •   Learn about the area you’re visiting in advance. This will help you know if there are areas to avoid or risks that can impact your safety.
  •   Pack appropriately. Have the documents you need ready, your prescriptions handy and insurance details available.
  •   If you’re travelling with little ones, have some entertainment ready in case you’re stuck without Wi-Fi.
  •   Speaking of Wi-Fi, have hard copies of your travel route, lodging confirmation, insurance and other important docs ready in case you find yourself without internet access.
  •   Arrange to stop deliveries to your home that could arrive or arrange for a neighbour you trust or family members to keep an eye out while you're away.
  •   Need a place for your pet to stay? Kennels and other pet hotels can fill up fast, so arranging a reservation in advance is always a smart call.
  •   Ensure your bills have been paid or will be paid while away from home.
  •   Toss out food that will spoil while you’re away. No need to feed unwanted house guests.

Some things to remember for long-term travel

  •   Sticking to a budget can help you keep spending in check.
  •   Naturally, your friends and family will want to make sure you’re okay while away from home. Have a designated friend or family member who can give updates to, so the people in your life can know you’re alright. If you’re not alright, this person could recognize that you haven’t been in contact and take further action.
  •   Decide what you want to do with your home while you’re away for an extended time. Will you need to put your possessions in storage? Will you need someone to monitor your home while you’re away, or do chores like cutting the grass or shoveling the snow? Whatever you choose, you’ll want to give yourself ample time to have your plan in place before you leave.

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