Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insurance Claims

Wondering about home insurance claims experience? We’re ready to answer your questions and help you navigate the claims process with confidence.

Will my premiums be impacted if I make a TD Insurance home claim?

Your premiums are based on many factors, such as your claims history and where you live. So, while opening a new claim could lead to a premium increase, we’ll have a better idea of what your premium is closer to the renewal date.

Learn more about why your premiums might increase.

Am I covered for damage caused by a catastrophic weather event?

A catastrophic weather event usually refers to an event that was caused by nature and without any interference by humans whatsoever. Our policies generally cover events like fire, lightning, windstorms and hail. Events such as earthquakes and rising water levels are optional coverages that can be added to your policy. To check the exact details of your coverage at any time, simply log into MyInsurance.

Am I covered if a tree falls on my property?

If a tree falls and damages your home, all related damages will be covered under your policy. The damage to the tree may be covered depending on your home insurance package.

Limits will apply if:

  1. The tree resides on your property.
    Depending on what caused the tree to fall, coverage could include the cost to replace the tree itself and the cost of debris removal. Plus, if there’s resulting property damage, you will be able to make a claim for that.
  2. The tree resides on a neighbour’s property.
    If your neighbour’s tree falls on your property, you will be covered for debris removal and for any resulting damage it causes to your property.
  3. The tree resides on property owned by the city.
    If a tree owned by the city falls on your property, you should immediately contact the city to remove the debris. You may be covered for any resulting damage to your property. If you submit or have an open claim, your TD Insurance dedicated claims advisor can help provide more information.

Are the contents of my home covered while in transit to a new home?

When moving to your new principal residence, we will cover the personal property you bring with you for up to 30 days from the moment you start moving; we also cover the same property in transit between the two places.

However, we do not cover the new home automatically. You must get in touch with us to cover the new home and we will gladly suit your insurance needs to your new place.

Am I covered if an item is dropped and damaged while moving from one residence to another?

Yes, as long as you have "All Perils" coverage. The sudden and accidental dropping of a valuable belonging, like a computer for instance, would be covered. Some exclusions may apply.


Am I covered for expenses if I need to stay somewhere else when there’s a power outage, and I don’t have any heat in my home?

Unfortunately, if there’s a power outage but no damage to the structure of your home, you will usually not be covered for any expenses for alternative accommodations. That means that if you choose to stay in a hotel, for instance, your additional expenses will not be covered.

Are additional living expenses covered if I need to stay somewhere else when there’s damage to my home?

It depends on the extent of the damage, not necessarily the type of loss. But it’s our goal to help you through any home claim with as little inconvenience as possible. That's why if there is damage to your home that makes it unlivable and repairs are being made because of a claim, we'll help cover your temporary living expenses required to maintain your current standard of living. You'll also be covered for additional living expenses during government-issued evacuation orders. If you’ve experienced damage to your home, your dedicated advisor and our emergency contractors will help you determine the next steps, even if you are required to leave your home due to safety concerns.

Are tornados included in the coverage for windstorms?

Yes. Tornados are covered by most of our home insurance policies under the “Windstorms” category.

Can I choose my own contractor to repair damages to my home, or do I need to use your recommendations?

The choice of who works on your home is entirely yours. If you need a contractor to repair or rebuild your home, your insurance advisor will recommend a contractor from our network of preferred contractors. If you choose to use one of our preferred contractors, their work on repairs to your home will be warranted for 3 years from the date the repairs are completed. Learn more about how advisors and contractors work together to complete your claim.

Can I take a cash payout or settlement instead of having TD Insurance arrange the repairs for my home?

Yes, it's possible for you to take a cash settlement and have a contractor of your choice complete the necessary repairs rather than using one of our preferred contractors. Whether you want a cash payout to repair the damage through a contractor of your choice or use it as part of a larger home renovation, the choice is yours.

After the estimated cost for repairs is determined, factoring in depreciation, you'll receive a payout for the repair costs. Keep in mind that if you do choose a cash settlement and later proceed with a contractor of your choice, they may not offer any guarantees to the work they've done.

Whether you choose to use one of our preferred contractors to complete repairs or decide to receive a cash settlement, your dedicated claims advisor will be there to help you with your next steps.

What actions can I take before repairs are made to my home?

Your safety is important to us. Only when it is safe to do so should you attempt to secure and mitigate further damage to your home. For example, if you have experienced a burst water supply pipe, and it's safe to do so, it is recommended that you turn off the main water supply and remove items that are not yet damaged to a safe and dry area.

Taking a photo of the damage may help speed up your claim. Be sure to keep any receipts related to mitigating further damage to your home so that you can submit them for consideration with your claim.

Is home maintenance ever covered?

Home maintenance due to regular wear and tear over time is the responsibility of the homeowner. Damage or loss must be sudden and accidental in order for it to be covered by your insurance policy.

If the driver of a car loses control and damages my property, do I have to pay my deductible?

If someone else damages your property, your coverage will depend on your homeowner policy. If your loss is covered and we are able to recover your deductible from the responsible person, we will reimburse you for that amount.

Is vandalism covered under my home insurance policy?

It depends. We have many home insurance products that offer a wide range of coverage. Most options protect you against damage to your home caused by vandalism. However, you may want to refer to your policy details to confirm the coverages available to you.

When do I need to call the police about an incident involving my home?

When in doubt or if you feel unsafe, call the police. Whether or not you need to call the police depends on where you live and the regulations in your jurisdiction. We recommend that you report severe damages, those including theft or burglary to your home or damages that put your safety at risk.

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