How Advisors and Contractors Work Together

How Dedicated TD Insurance Claims Advisors and Preferred Contractors Work Together

Although TD Insurance claims advisors and the contractors we can source for you through our network of trusted vendors have different roles, they work in unison and are dedicated to getting you back to your normal way of life as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

To provide clarity in our insurance claims process, we have outlined the roles and responsibilities of a TD Insurance claims advisor and a preferred contractor, when there is a need for you to work with them and when you choose to have repairs completed by a member of our preferred vendor network.

What does your dedicated TD Insurance claims advisor do?

A dedicated claims advisor

  • is a representative of TD Insurance who is dedicated to helping you through your insurance claims experience
  • is there to understand your claim needs and help answer your questions
  • will review your claim details and work with you to confirm the coverage available through your home insurance policy
  • will be your go-to person throughout the insurance claims experience
  • will provide you with a list of preferred contractors who guarantee their claim-related repairs
  • will work with you to coordinate the repairs with our preferred contractor
  • will review the settlement of your insurance claim with you and ensure you’re satisfied that your home has been brought back to its pre-loss condition
  • will ensure all outstanding payments are made and close your insurance claim

What does a preferred contractor do?

A preferred contractor

  • is a skilled worker in our preferred partner network who is expertly qualified to make the insured repairs to your home if you experience a loss.
  • will provide emergency services that are necessary to make sure your home is safe, if required
  • will document and provide estimates for the repairs required to restore your home to its pre-claim condition
  • will coordinate the required repairs with you and your dedicated claims advisor. We carefully choose our preferred contractors and monitor the quality and timeliness of their work. Once you’ve confirmed the work has been completed to your satisfaction, we’ll take care of paying the contractor directly
  • will complete the repairs to your home to your satisfaction and will guarantee the loss-related repairs, for up to 3 years after completion

Remember, the choice of who works on your home is entirely yours, and we’re happy to recommend a contractor from our network of preferred vendors.

Also, we know your claim is unique and we’ll work with you to provide personalized advice and next steps based on the unique details of your claim. There may be situations that require the involvement of engineers or other vendors — your dedicated claims advisor will help with that, too.

If you currently have an open claim and have questions on this process, please contact your dedicated TD Insurance claims advisor directly, and they would be happy to provide additional information. Or to start a claim, contact us at 1-866-454-8910 or through our mobile app.

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