Why term life insurance makes sense

Developing a financial plan is a good step towards achieving your financial goals. Life insurance can strengthen your financial plan by helping to ensure that, in case you pass away unexpectedly, your loved ones will be able to maintain the lifestyle you’ve earned so they are free to pursue their dreams.

Here are a few other benefits of TD Term Life Insurance:

  1. It’s simple

    Term life insurance is one of the simplest forms of life insurance. You’ll always know what you’re paying for, and what your beneficiaries can expect.

  2. Available discounts for eligible term life insurance policies

    If you're a TD customer, save a maximum of 10% on a new TD 10-Year or 20-Year Term Life Insurance policy. This includes TD Auto Finance, TD Insurance Home and/or Auto, and TD Wealth customers. If you're not a TD customer, you can save 5% if you or your spouse is a graduate of an eligible Canadian post-secondary institution or a member of an eligible professional association. If you are a TD customer as well as a graduate/professional, you save a maximum of 10%.

  3. Predictable premiums

    Your premiums are fixed and guaranteed not to change for the length of the term.

  4. It’s flexible

    You can also convert your TD Term 10 or TD Term 20 to permanent life insurance coverage before you turn 69 with no questions asked.

  5. It’s a good way to top-up existing group plans

    Your life insurance coverage through a group plan may not be enough. And if you change employers, you may lose your coverage. Having your own term life insurance policy ensures you are financially covered in the event of death despite any changes in employment or employer.

  6. Tax-free, cash benefit

    If you pass away during the term of your policy, your designated beneficiaries will receive a tax-free, lump-sum death benefit.

"Life insurance can be part of a sound financial plan"

TD Term Life Insurance is underwritten by TD Life Insurance Company

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