Life Insurance for the Married Couple

The decision to share the rest of your life with someone is a significant milestone. It means you’ve decided to work together to achieve the life and lifestyle you both want, now and in the future.

That makes today the right time to start thinking about your insurance needs as a couple:

  •   How would your partner manage financially if you were to pass away?
  •   Would he or she be able to maintain all that you’ve achieved – and planned for – together?
  •   Would there be enough money to pay debts or cover funeral costs and daily living expenses?

When you’re thinking about how much protection you need to provide each other to ensure a reasonable level of financial security, here are a few factors to consider:

  •   Your current and projected household income
  •   Your plans for a family
  •   The lifestyle you would like to maintain for your partner
  •   When both you and your partner/spouse apply for coverage, you’ll be eligible for a 10% lower rate on the 2nd policy

When all your other plans seem to take priority, it’s important to remember that buying life insurance can be an affordable, pressure free process that helps set you up for financial security.

"A good reason to add life insurance"

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