Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Water Damage Prevention Tips For Your Home

Did you know that water damage is Canada’s most common home insurance claim1? Having insurance coverage can help protect you when facing unwanted water, that could come from flooding, sudden springtime snow melting and other weather-related challenges. We’re ready to help because there’s a lot you can do to prepare your home to prevent water damage. With just a little know-how, you can prepare your home to take on these potential water damage perils.

Water damage tips to consider

  • It’s always a smart call to keep your drains free of debris, like excess snow, leaves and ice. It’s not just seasonal stuff to look for either. Wayward toys, water-logged welcome mats and sports equipment can also be a drain on your drains.
  • Roof maintenance is your friend. Little things like loose shingles or a poorly positioned eavestrough can cause needless frustration if they’re not spotted ahead of time. The good news is a few tweaks and a keen eye go a long way to prevent water damage.
  • Get to know the details of your home. Do you know where the water shut-off valves are? Are doors, windows and wall penetrations effectively sealed? Do you need/have a sump pump to prevent basement water damage? Knowing these things in advance can help you prepare solutions for potential excess water problems.
  • Fight back against frozen pipes in extremely cold temperatures. Experts recommend letting cold water drip from faucets connected to pipes that may be in danger of freezing. Running a small amount of water (even a trickle) can prevent a frozen pipe. Also, consider leaving the heat at 13 degrees Celsius (or more) in winter if you’re away from home for an extended period of time.
  • Investigate the water damage insurance details of your home insurance policy. If you have a home insurance policy with TD Insurance, your coverage includes protection against sudden and accidental water damage caused by events like:
    - Heating system rupture
    - Plumbing system rupture
    - Sprinkling system rupture
    - Air conditioning system rupture
    - Escape of water from a waterbed, aquarium or appliances
    - Escape of water from a public watermain

Are you covered for cases of water damage? Learn more about what TD Insurance has to offer by visiting this online guide about water damage insurance.