Water Damage Insurance

Water and flood damage can really put a damper on things. It’s the leading cause of property damage in Canada. And with the risk of a flooded basement or major leaks, it can be essential to make sure your home is covered in case of unwanted water. We have water damage solutions designed to make sure you feel confident and protected. If your home experiences water damage, your TD Insurance policy may cover emergency clean up, replacement of your belongings, home repairs and additional living expenses. Make sure to check your policy for details and to ensure that your coverage limits will meet your needs in the event of a loss.

What’s included with your home insurance

Did you know that water damage coverage is already a part of your home insurance policy with us? Your coverage includes protection against sudden and accidental water damage caused by events, such as (but not limited to):

  •   Heating system rupture
  •   Plumbing system rupture
  •   Sprinkling system rupture
  •   Air conditioning system rupture
  •   Escape of water from a waterbed, aquarium or appliances
  •   Escape of water from a public watermain

And there’s more.

Can I get additional coverage?

There’s a lot that home insurance can do to protect you from water damage, but having additional coverage can help protect you in a wider range of scenarios.


Extended Water Damage Coverage

Above Ground Water Coverage

Ice Damming and Roof Drain Back-up Coverage

What It Covers

Focuses on situations related to below ground and surface water that are not covered by home insurance.

Coverage against sudden and accidental water damage, including flooding caused by*:

  • Sewer backup and sump overflow
  • Ground or surface water from a freshwater source that enters or seeps into your home (this includes heavy rainfalls or melting snow that enters through your below ground walls, foundation or basement floors)
  • Overland water entering your home due to the rising or overflow of any stream or body of freshwater

*Some exclusions may apply.

Coverage against sudden and accidental water damage caused by*:

  • Water originating from the escape, overflow or backing up of eavestroughs, downspouts rainwater leaders, or roof drains
  • Rain, snow, melting snow or melting ice that enters or seeps through the roof or above ground walls of the building or an opening, including doors or windows

*Some exclusions may apply.

Coverage against the sudden and accidental water damage caused by ice dams. Ice dams happen when melting snow freezes along the edge of your roof, creating a dam which forces water under your shingles and into your home. With Ice Damming and Roof Drain Backup protection, you'll have coverage against sudden and accidental water damage caused by*:

  • Water that enters the dwelling, detached private structures, or the condominium unit through a roof due to the accumulation of ice or snow on the exterior of the roof or eavestrough
  • Backing up, overflow or discharge of water from eavestroughs, downspouts, rainwater leaders or roof drains

*Some exclusions may apply.

Example Scenario

If a sewer backup causes raw sewage to come through the drain in your floor, forcing you to stay in a hotel while your home is being restored, Extended Water Damage protection will ensure you’re covered.

If you leave a window open at home and a sudden rainstorm causes water damage to your floor, walls and belongings, you could be covered with the Above Ground Water Endorsement.

If ice damming occurs and water enters your roof causing damage to your home and you need to relocate, additional living and repair expenses would be covered and are included in the endorsement limit.

Is this 'add-on' coverage under a Home Insurance Policy?

Add-on is automatically included, subject to eligibility.

Add-on is optional, subject to eligibility.

Add-on is automatically included, subject to eligibility.

Is this 'add-on' coverage under a Condo/Tenant Insurance Policy?

Add-on is optional, subject to eligibility.

Add-on is included in home policy.

Add-on is included in home policy.

What is overland flood insurance and what does it cover?

Perhaps you're looking exclusively for "flood insurance" which isn't listed in the chart above. The term “flood” is often used to loosely describe any accumulation of water, regardless of the source. What you may actually be looking for is overland flood insurance.

Overland flood insurance is generally an add-on to your standard home insurance policy and is beneficial to have in case of heavy rainfall or overflows from bodies of fresh water. With TD Insurance, you'd need to have Extended Water Damage coverage added to your home insurance policy in order to be protected from flood-related damage.

Did you know that water damage is the most common type of insurance claim? While we hope you don't experience any loss, adding additional water damage coverage to your home policy can give you the confidence of knowing that you have protection for a wide range of typical water damage losses.

In the event you encounter water damage to your home or belongings, please contact us so we can review your TD Insurance policy coverage and start a claim.

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