Water Damage Insurance

Water damage can really put a damper on things. It’s the leading cause of claims in Canada. And with the risk of a flooded basement or major leaks, it can be essential to make sure your home is covered in case of unwanted water. We have water damage solutions designed to make sure you feel confident and protected. If your home does get water damage, your TD Insurance policy would cover emergency clean up, replacement of your belongings, home repairs and additional living expenses.

Water Damage Insurance Explained

Did you know that water damage coverage is already a part of your home insurance policy with us? Your coverage includes protection against sudden and accidental water damage caused by events, such as (but not limited to):

  •   Heating system rupture
  •   Plumbing system rupture
  •   Sprinkling system rupture
  •   Air conditioning system rupture
  •   Escape of water from a waterbed, aquarium or appliances
  •   Escape of water from a public watermain

What Can Additional Water Coverage Do For Me?

There’s a lot that home insurance can do to protect you from water damage, but having additional coverage can help protect you in a wider range of scenarios. For instance, a simple Ice Damming add-on to your home insurance can come to the rescue when you’re dealing with water coming into your home under your roof shingles because ice has formed along your eaves. This coverage add-on will be automatically included for new, eligible customers.

The Above Ground Water Damage Endorsement is another insurance add-on that can come in handy for situations not traditionally covered by home insurance. This coverage is offered optionally for new, eligible customers that own their home and included automatically for condo owners and tenants. With Above Ground Water Protection, you'll have coverage against sudden and accidental water damage caused by:

  •   Discharge, backup and overflow of water from eaves, downspouts, rainwater gutters or roof drains
  •   Rain, snow, melting snow that enters through the roofs or walls of the building or from an opening, like a door or window.

*Some exclusions may apply.

For example, if you leave a window open at home and a sudden thunderstorm causes damage to your floor, wall and belongings, you will be covered with the Above Ground Water Endorsement.

Your home insurance can also come to the rescue when you’re dealing with the aftermath of damage created by ice dams. Ice dams happen when water backs up under roof shingles and roof valleys and leaks into your home. This coverage is automatically included for new condo & tenant customers and for eligible home customers.

The Extended Water Damage Endorsement is automatically included for new, eligible customers and optional for condo owners and tenants. This coverage focuses on situations related to below ground water damage that are not covered by home insurance. When you have Extended Water Damage protection, you’re covered against sudden and accidental water damage caused by*:

  •   Sewer backup and sump pump overflow
  •   Ground or surface water that enters your home below ground level (this includes heavy rainfalls or melting snow that enters through your foundation)
  •   Overland flooding due to the rising or overflow of any stream or body of freshwater

*Some exclusions may apply.

For example, if a sewer backup causes raw sewage to come through your toilet, bathtub and washing machine, forcing you to stay in a hotel for two weeks while your home is decontaminated, Extended Water Damage protection will ensure you’re covered.

Ideally, you won’t be in a situation where you’ll need this coverage, but having it gives the confidence that you’re protected if water damage occurs.

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