How to Get Car Insurance: An Introduction

If you’ve recently purchased a vehicle, are up for renewal, or just became a licensed driver—shopping for car insurance and understanding your the best coverage options can be overwhelming.
We want to help simplify the process. So here are some easy steps to find coverage that fits your needs.

Step 1. Get a quote

Getting a quote online is a great way to find the right insurance. It’s a tool that will walk you through your coverage options, show you ways to save, and calculate the premium for your potential policy.

Step 2. Understand your mandatory coverage

By law everyone who puts a plate on a vehicle in Canada must have car insurance. The amount of mandatory coverage varies by province or territory.
If you are from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba—government-run insurance companies sell the required minimum car insurance.
In all other provinces and territories, you can purchase the mandatory coverage (and any optional coverage) directly from a private insurance company.

Step 3. Learn about additional insurance benefits (and their limitations)

Depending on your needs, you may benefit from additional protection in addition to the mandatory coverage. Learn more about the types of coverage available to you, as well as the enhanced coverage we offer.

Step 4. Understand how car insurance premiums are calculated

Some of the factors insurers take into consideration are:

  • The number of drivers
  • Their driving record
  • The make, model, and year of car
  • Number of kilometers driven per year
  • Your location