Why Could Travel Insurance Be Important for Canadian Seniors and Snowbirds?

While Canadians have always enjoyed travelling, both domestically and internationally, after the last couple of years, the pace and volume of travel has increased. Among these travellers is a certain group that partakes in travelling more than the rest, especially during the winter—the senior travellers, aka "snowbirds". 

Who are considered senior travellers, you ask?

While travel doesn't exactly have an age limit, people who've joined the I'm-in-my-60s and above club could be considered seniors in Canada. As the name might suggest, "snowbirds" usually try to escape the winter by heading off to a warmer destination by flight or even by road in RVs. Favourites include the more southern areas of the USA, like Arizona, Florida, Texas, and California. Some adventurous souls even take off for exotic places like Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Portugal, and the Caribbean.

This lifestyle is quite exciting, but there are several things to consider before you plan such trips. One of the many things on that list includes travel insurance, which leads us to our next question:

Do seniors need travel insurance?

While happiness may likely be at the top of one's agenda during these trips, preparedness should also share the spot. Young or old, everyone has different needs for their trips, and leaving your country or even your province of residence may leave you open to medical costs due to accidents or mishaps. A travel insurance plan could be of help. 

Why can travel insurance be important for seniors?

As seniors may be more susceptible to injuries or physical harm than younger people, there are several things to keep in mind when travelling outside of your province of residence or Canada when it comes to health insurance. Your provincial health insurance may not be available to cover all your medical costs abroad or out of your province. In which case, you will have to pay the bills. If certain criteria are met, you might get some of the expenses reimbursed.

Also, if you are depending on your credit card to take care of medical bills, it's important to understand that the travel medical insurance that comes with your credit card may have a lower coverage period for older cardholders. You should review the details of the travel medical insurance that comes with your card and, if needed, purchase additional travel medical insurance to cover the entire length of your trip before leaving.

When is the right time to get travel insurance?

You can apply for travel insurance before you depart on your trip. 

Tips for getting travel insurance as a senior

Like everything else in life, it's always good to know what you're paying for. Here are a few things to look for when getting travel insurance as a Canadian senior or snowbird:

  • Consider what kinds of emergency travel medical expenses are included. For example, hospital fees, ambulance services, prescription drugs, medical appliances, etc.
  • What kind of non-medical coverage are you getting? Will you have coverage for trip cancellations or interruptions, lost luggage, and delays?
  • Are emergency dental costs covered?
  • What's the duration of your coverage?

Some factors in calculating the cost of travel insurance

The cost of travel insurance can depend on many factors, which vary by insurer. A few of these factors may include your age, sex, and health condition. You can always check your policy or speak with a licensed travel insurance advisor to get details. At TD Insurance, some of the factors we consider include: 

  • Health and age: as we grow older, we may be more likely to have health risks when compared to our younger selves. For that reason, travel insurance for seniors can be more expensive because, as the age increases, so does the level of risk, leading to comparatively higher rates. 
  • The type of coverage: there are several types of travel insurance plans, like single trip, multi-trip, and travel plans that include both medical and non-medical coverage. Since the coverages vary, the premium will vary too.  
  • Number of people covered under the travel policy: for instance, a family plan might cost more than a plan just for an individual as more people will be insured under a family plan. However, a family plan could be less expensive than purchasing separate plans for each member of your family. 
  • The duration of the coverage: the longer your trip is, the more it will cost you to get insured.

Ways to save - are you a frequent traveller?

If you find yourself in the frequent traveller category and have planned multiple trips for the year, you could benefit from a plan more suited to that nature, like the TD Insurance multi-trip all-inclusive plan or the multi-trip medical plan. They may be more cost-effective than purchasing an individual plan for each trip.

TD travel insurance and seniors/ snowbirds

The adage "age is just a number" might be true when it comes to planning adventures, but with that number come certain important changes in our lives and travel insurance as well. When it comes to the age limit, here are a few things to remember:

As a senior traveller, consider a travel insurance plan best suited for you. You can start making plans and take a look at the travel insurance policies offered by TD Insurance.

We would also encourage you to stay updated with the travel advisories to be aware of changing circumstances that may alter your travel plans. 

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2TD Insurance Multi-Trip Medical Plan is an individual plan underwritten by TD Life Insurance Company. Coverages and benefits are subject to eligibility conditions, limitations, and exclusions, including pre-existing medical condition exclusions. Please refer to the Sample Policy for full details.