Legal & Home Assistance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Legal Assistance

Q: What are the hours of service for the Legal Assistance phone line?

A: Monday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM EST, except on holidays.

Q: Are the services and advice of Legal Assistance provided directly by TD Insurance?

A: Legal Assistance is available for TD Insurance customers. However, the actual legal advice is provided by a trusted external partner specializing in this service.

Q: Are the professionals giving legal advice lawyers or paralegals?

A: Legal Assistance is provided by lawyers who are members of their provincial bar association and have more than five years of experience.

Q: What types of topics are covered by Legal Assistance?

A: You can talk to a lawyer about issues relating to a whole range of legal areas, including family law (e.g. divorce, child custody, mediation, etc.), labour law (e.g. dismissal, harassment, etc.), property law (e.g. latent defects, neighbourhood problems, etc.), personal injury (e.g. falls, accidental injuries, etc.), consumer law (e.g. extended warranty problems, breach of contract, etc.), and estate issues.

Q: What subjects are excluded from Legal Assistance?

A: The Legal Assistance line will discuss matters relating to your personal life. It does not include commercial, professional, volunteer, criminal law matters or legal matters outside of Canada. Furthermore, it does not include any legal matter opposing TD or TD Bank subsidiaries. Full exclusions can be found within your policy document.

Q: Can I call for information on how the justice system works?

A: You can contact the Legal Assistance team for explanations on how the Canadian justice system works, along with available recourses, different ways of resolving disputes and your rights and obligations. Legal Assistance cannot provide legal information on matters outside the jurisdiction of Canadian courts.

Q: Can Legal Assistance lawyers help me draft a document or review legal documents I’ve received?

A: All help from Legal Assistance must be provided over the phone. The legal team can advise you on how to draft documents, but they cannot review documents received. They can, however, ask you to summarize such documents over the phone and then advise you on how to respond.

Q: Can Legal Assistance lawyers represent me in court?

A: The lawyers from the Legal Assistance service cannot represent you in court. They can, however, help you find legal representation with advice on how to find a lawyer, how to define the mandate and what questions to ask.

Q: Can I call just to get a better understanding of what the Legal Assistance service has to offer?

A: Of course! Legal Assistance lawyers will be happy to assist you and explain the topics included and types of help they can provide.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of times I can call this service?

A: No. The number and duration of calls are unlimited, so you can call as often as required.

Q: If I have to call several times, will I be able to speak with the same lawyer?

A: Whenever possible, a file is followed up by the same lawyer.

Q: Is my personal information and privacy protected?

A: All conversations with lawyers in Legal Assistance are protected by solicitor-client privilege, and are therefore confidential and duly protected under Canadian law.

Frequently Asked Questions for Home Assistance

Q: What are the hours of service for the Home Assistance phone line?

A: Every day from 8AM to 8PM EST, except on holidays.

Q: Are the Home Assistance contractors and services provided directly by TD Insurance?

A: Home Assistance is offered to TD Insurance customers. However, the services and referrals of the Home Assistance team are provided by a trusted external partner.

Q: What types of services are offered?

A: The Home Assistance team can provide you with information on subsidy programs when it comes to maintaining, renovating and remodeling your home. The team can also refer you to home service providers such as plumbers, electricians and roofers who can perform any desired work at your expense.

Q: How are the suppliers the Home Assistance team refers selected?

A: The Home Assistance team’s network of home service suppliers is vetted for quality and proper insurance status. Based on what you need, the team will send you two or three suitable suppliers, including full contact information, for you to consider.

Q: Who is responsible for contacting the referred supplier?

A: Once you have been sent the suppliers’ contact information, it is up to you to contact them.

Q: Does the program include indemnities for work performed?

A: Home Assistance only provides you with referrals. Any work carried out and related costs are your financial responsibility.

Q: Is the work of referred suppliers or contractors guaranteed?

A: While referrals are drawn from Home Assistance’s network of qualified suppliers, the final choice and agreement between you and a supplier, along with the work performed, is the responsibility of you and your chosen supplier.

Q: Is my personal information and privacy protected?

A: Yes, all conversations with the home service suppliers and email exchanges are protected in accordance with Canadian law.