Earthquake Insurance Coverage

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Could your property be at risk from earthquake damage? Feel confident you and your home are protected with Earthquake Insurance coverage.

What is the risk of an earthquake in your region?

On average, the Geological Survey of Canada reports over 4,000 earthquakes in Canada each year, or about 11 each day. Many are too small to be felt, but others could potentially cause serious damage to homes and other property.

Studies show that a number of Canadian cities face the risk of a serious earthquake. According to the Earthquake Model for Canada1, a report produced by AIR Worldwide for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the risk of a major earthquake is considered the highest in Vancouver, Victoria, Montréal, Ottawa and Québec City.

What types of property damage could be caused by an earthquake?

Earthquakes can be frightening. Both in the moment and also when dealing with the aftermath. You could be left dealing with broken possessions, structural damage to your home or even landslide-related destruction.

The impact on property could be anything from minor damage to significant devastation, like cracked foundations or even complete destruction of the building. Structural damage to buildings can be substantial. In rare cases, buildings have completely collapsed. Older buildings constructed from unreinforced masonry face the highest risk. A base home insurance policy can pay for some of the repair/replacement costs related to an earthquake, but does it cover everything?

Does your home insurance cover the damage caused by an earthquake?

Our home coverage will cover damage caused by a fire, explosion and smoke following an earthquake. But the policy does not cover any other damage caused by an earthquake.

Can you get additional coverage for damage caused by an earthquake?

Yes, and we make it easy. We offer Earthquake Insurance coverage for new and existing customers as an add-on option you can purchase. This protection covers all direct physical losses or damage to your property caused by an earthquake. Please note that damage caused by tidal waves and tsunamis is excluded from this coverage.

Is earthquake insurance important to condominium owners and apartment tenants, as well as homeowners?

Earthquake coverage is something Canadians living in any type of a home might want to consider. If this natural disaster were to occur where you live, earthquake coverage would help you protect your family’s cherished belongings and your home. By having this endorsement, your additional living expenses are covered while your home is being repaired, and any unit improvements and betterments made by condo owners are recognized too. Additional coverage options may be available.

If you live in certain high-risk areas of British Columbia, regardless of your home type, earthquake coverage is mandatory with TD Insurance Home Coverage. No matter your home, we can find an Earthquake Home Insurance option that works for you and your loved ones. To speak with a TD Insurance Advisor to learn more about how Earthquake Home Insurance can be there for you and your home, please visit our Contact Us page.

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