Earthquake Insurance Coverage

Is your property at risk of damage from earthquakes? Let us help you understand what’s at stake.

What is the risk of an earthquake in your region?

According to Earthquake Model for Canada1, a report produced by AIR Worldwide for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the risk of a major earthquake is highest in Vancouver, Victoria, Montréal, Ottawa and Québec City.

What types of property damage could be caused by an earthquake?

While the most anticipated damage is due to ground shaking; fires, explosions and smoke in the aftermath of an earthquake can also contribute to property loss. In extreme cases, earthquakes can also cause landslides and tsunamis.

The impact on property could range from minor damage to more serious consequences, such as cracked foundations or even the complete destruction of the building. Structural damage to buildings can be substantial; in rare cases, the buildings may completely collapse. Older buildings constructed from unreinforced masonry are at the highest risk.

On average, the Geological Survey of Canada reports over 4,000 earthquakes in Canada each year, or about 11 each day. Many are too small to be felt, but others could potentially cause serious damage to homes and other property.

Does your home insurance cover damage caused by an earthquake?

The base residential policy we offer covers damage caused by a fire, explosion and smoke following an earthquake. It’s important to know that the base policy excludes any other damage caused by an earthquake.

Can you get additional coverage for damage caused by an earthquake?

In addition to your base policy, you can purchase additional coverage. This additional earthquake protection covers all direct physical losses or damage to your property caused by an earthquake, except those caused by tidal waves, floods, surface water or waterborne objects, whether or not they are attributable to an earthquake The additional earthquake coverage also covers living expenses, such as accommodation rental, additional cost of food and transportation for you and your family while your home is being repaired (some eligibility rules may apply).

Is earthquake insurance important to condominium owners and apartment tenants, as well as homeowners?

If you live in certain areas of British Columbia, regardless of your dwelling type, earthquake coverage is mandatory with TD Insurance home coverage.

However, if you live outside of British Columbia, earthquake coverage is still an important issue to consider. If an earthquake were to occur in your area, earthquake coverage could protect the contents of your property and pay for your living expenses while your home is being repaired.

Additional coverage options may be available. Please speak with an Advisor.


*Please note earthquake insurance coverage may also be referred to as earthquake.
1AIR Earthquake Model for Canada (July 15,2014). Air Worldwide.

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