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At TD Insurance, we’re committed to helping create a healthier, more vibrant planet, and that’s why we are strong supporters of hybrid and electric vehicles. Hybrid and electric (EV) vehicles provide benefits to our customers and planet by having cleaner emissions and smaller carbon footprints. Not only can you experience cost savings over fossil fuels through more affordable fuel costs, but you'll also save 10% on your insurance.1

Coverage for your Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

Much like traditional gas-powered vehicles, EV and hybrid vehicle coverage starts with standard mandatory and optional enhanced coverage.

With TD Insurance however, EV and hybrid vehicle owners can take advantage of additional coverage benefits specific to EV and hybrid vehicles.

Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Insurance Perks

  • Electric Vehicle Rental

    TD Insurance can provide you with an EV as a temporary rental while your vehicle is being repaired following a claim. If an EV is not available, we'll reimburse for alternative methods of transport or fuel costs for a non-EV rental car.

  • Roadside Assistance

    By topping up your policy with the optional Grand Touring Solution, you can take advantage of additional coverages to support the needs of EV owners, which includes reimbursement of towing services (up to coverage limits) to the closest charging station, if your battery depletes.

  • EV Certified Auto Centres

    Our network of TD Insurance Auto Centres aims to take the stress out of accidents by providing a one-stop auto claim shop for your claims and service needs. Plus, select locations are EV-certified to help you and your EV get back on the road.

More ways to save

  • Easily get an online quote and save

    Save an additional 5% when you quote and buy your car insurance online.2

  • Bundle and Save

    By bundling your car and home insurance with TD Insurance, you can unlock even more savings.

  • Multi-Vehicle Discount

    Save more when you insure two or more vehicles of the same type.

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Commonly asked questions

1. How do I make a claim for my EV or hybrid vehicle?
The process to make an insurance claim for your hybrid or electric vehicle is simple. You can even start the process right from the TD insurance app, where you’ll receive step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

No matter what repairs might be required, you can rest assured that you’re receiving top quality and dependable service for your EV or hybrid vehicle at one of our TD Insurance Auto Centres or preferred vendors.

2. What do I do if my battery runs out of charge?
With TD Insurance’s Grand Touring Solution (GTS) coverage, you receive a host of additional options to support your needs. This includes reimbursement of towing costs (up to your GTS coverage limit) should your battery fully deplete. With this kind of coverage, you can feel comfortable every time you hit the road.

3. What coverage is required for my EV or hybrid?
You can insure your EV or hybrid with the same types of coverage that you have for any of your other vehicles. As long as you update your policy with the information of your most recent vehicle, TD Insurance makes the process easy to insure your EV or hybrid vehicle.

4. How can I save when insuring my EV or hybrid vehicle?
As a reward to you for making a decision to decrease your carbon footprint, TD Insurance offers a 10% discount on your car insurance. It’s our Green Wheel Discount and you are eligible just by driving an EV or hybrid vehicle and insuring it with TD Insurance.

5. What additional coverages are available with my EV or hybrid insurance?
In the event of a claim, some perks with TD Insurance coverage include access to our TD Insurance Auto Centres offering service to top EV and hybrid vehicle brands. If your battery is damaged in an accident, TD Insurance will repair or replace your EV battery as part of your coverage.3

In the event that you require a rental car and go through TD Insurance Auto Centres during the claims process, we will look for rental EV options first to provide you with while your vehicle is serviced.

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