Building Tomorrow Together


At TD Insurance, we're committed to driving progress on critical Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues to help enrich the lives of our customers, colleagues, and the communities we serve.

"ESG principles are central to our mission at TD Insurance. While developing affordable, accessible products we're working with partners across the country to address climate change issues and increase resilience in the communities we serve.

Delivering on these commitments requires a team that is inclusive, diverse, and welcoming. That's why we're investing in our people and developing a culture of care across our organization."

James Russell, President and CEO, TD Insurance

  • Environment

    We're helping our customers better understand the risks associated with climate change and helping them increase their resilience to extreme weather events. Changing how we operate to support a more vibrant planet remains a top priority.


    • In 2019, we became the first Canadian insurance company to establish an Advisory Board on Climate Change.
    • We're signatories to the United Nations Principles for Sustainable Insurance, and have embedded their principles in our purpose, vision and strategy.
    • By offering paperless communications, digital pink cards and electronic fund transfers, we're on track to reduce paper consumption by approximately 30% from 2020.
  • Social

    We're committed to affordable, easy to understand insurance products that meet Canadians' needs.


    • We partner with external organizations to create programs that help people better understand and choose the coverage that's right for them.
    • We're making changes to our policies to better address our customers' needs, and extend coverage to those who need it most.
  • Governance

    At TD Insurance, we're helping colleagues stay informed and providing the opportunity to participate in ESG efforts.


    • We welcome ideas from colleagues across the organization on how we can advance our ESG efforts and encourage volunteerism.
    • As hosts of a global innovation challenge, we invite students to create and share their ideas to address issues affecting our customers.