Driving safe could decrease your deductible

The car insurance feature that rewards good driving.

Shouldn’t your good driving record be worth something? We think so. With the TD Insurance Decreasing DeductibleTM feature you could save 10% each claim-free year on select deductibles. Best of all, this feature comes with no additional cost to you.

Earn a 10% deductible decrease every year

With the TD Insurance Decreasing DeductibleTM feature, you’ll see your deductible drop by 10%, every year you are claim-free. Let's take an example, if you start with a $500 deductible, after your first claims-free year your deductible would automatically reduce to $450 in year 1, $400 in year 2, $350 in year 3 and so on. Your decrease continues to apply year over year - all the way down to $0! All you need to do is keep driving safely.

Good driving record? Get ready to be rewarded.

  • Lower deductible

    If you make a claim, you’ll pay a lower deductible even though your premium is based on a higher deductible amount.

  • It's automatic

    If eligible, your deductible will decrease automatically each year at renewal. Just keep up the good work on the road.

  • No additional cost

    Simply keep a good driving record each year and your deductible drops by 10%. That’s it.

How it works

Earn and keep your TD Insurance Decreasing DeductibleTM by maintaining a claims-free record.

  1. Applies to Collision or All Perils coverage with deductibles of $500 or lower.

  2. Earn a 10% decrease on your original deductible for each claim-free year until your deductible reaches $0.

  3. After you make a claim during a policy term, your deductible will return to its original amount at your next renewal. For the purpose of this feature, these events won’t be considered a claim: glass breakage of $200 or less, not at-fault collision, or hit and run.

  4. Even if you change vehicles, your lowered deductible will apply if replaced within 30 days.

Get a quote or speak to one of our TD Insurance advisors today at 1-833-834-7283 to learn how you can save with the TD Insurance Decreasing DeductibleTM.

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