I just got a parking ticket. What does that mean for my car insurance?

As you head back to your car after having lunch with a friend, you notice something tucked underneath your windshield wipers. Your heart sinks as you unfold the paper to realize it’s a parking ticket, and you begin to worry about the potential impact of this ticket on the cost of your car insurance. Do parking tickets have an impact on your car insurance premium in Canada? In the article below, we answer some of your frequently asked questions to help clear up any confusion.

Do parking tickets affect the cost of your car insurance?

In most cases, getting a parking ticket doesn’t have an impact on your car insurance premium. That’s because it’s likely that the reason for your parking ticket – whether you parked too close to a fire hydrant, parked in an area for too long, or left your car in a no-parking zone – isn’t classified as a moving violation. A moving violation occurs when laws are broken while a vehicle is in motion. Typically, it’s tickets for moving violations, like speeding, distracted driving, or stunt driving, that affect the cost of your insurance.

What happens if I have unpaid parking tickets?

Fines for unpaid parking tickets may prevent you from being able to renew your license in some provinces. In fact, failure to pay tickets could result in a license suspension – even before your renewal date. Therefore, it’s important to resolve the ticket in a timely manner.

Do parking tickets cause demerit points?

Since parking tickets aren’t considered a moving violation, they generally don’t result in demerit points.

What are some tips to avoid parking tickets?

Although parking tickets may not impact your car insurance premium, they can be expensive, and a source of frustration to drivers. We’ve shared some tips below to help prevent parking tickets.

  • Use parking apps to get real-time information about available parking spaces and regulations.
  • Keep track of time by setting an alarm on your phone to avoid exceeding time restrictions.
  • Read signs carefully to ensure you’re aware of any restrictions or regulations in the area.
  • Avoid parking in restricted areas, like near or next to a fire hydrant, or in no-parking zones.
  • Don’t park in accessible parking areas without a valid permit.

Now that you know more about parking tickets and car insurance, check out the Learning Centre for more helpful tips and information about insurance premiums.

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