Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance

Having insurance is a great way to help protect yourself financially from all kinds of unwelcome surprises. While there’s a lot that insurance can do, you may be looking for an extra layer of protection from costly liability payouts. That’s where Personal Umbrella Insurance comes into the picture.

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance is a coverage that extends your Personal liability coverage above and beyond the typical limits found in another policy, such as car, watercraft or home insurance. This means, if you were found liable in court and forced to pay more than your liability limit on your home or car policy, your Personal Umbrella would provide coverage in addition to the limit on your home or car policy. This is incredibly useful to have for situations where your liability claim limit is maxed out by a hefty court award.

Personal Umbrella coverage can be added as an endorsement to your TD home insurance policy with coverage limits available in 1-million-dollar increments. Based on your needs, you can add as little as 1 million dollars or increase the limit to 2 or 3 million, or even more.

Why do I need Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Personal liability insurance is something everyone should have, but Personal Umbrella Insurance is not necessarily a priority for everyone.

Still, if you value financial protection in costly liability cases, Personal Umbrella Insurance could be an invaluable investment.

This versatile coverage can prove indispensable if you’re engaging in:

  • “high-risk” activities (like operating a motorboat)
  • scenarios where you need enhanced liability insurance (like driving in the USA or travelling abroad)
  • or if you have a potential hazard on your property (like a swimming pool) that could be the site of a catastrophic injury.

How TD Insurance Personal Umbrella coverage can work for you

With TD Insurance Personal Umbrella coverage, you get multifaceted liability coverage. It’s coverage that crosses insurance categories to protect you on the road, at home or travelling abroad. Personal Umbrella Insurance can often be the most cost-effective way of getting additional liability coverage on your car and home policies.

Plus, there are additional benefits. For example, it could provide coverage for car rentals. Personal Umbrella Insurance could also provide additional coverage for you and your family in the event you were hit by someone who carries an insufficient amount of liability insurance to cover your injuries; this would require Family Protection coverage on your automobile policy.

To speak with a TD Insurance Advisor and learn more about how TD Insurance Personal Umbrella coverage can help keep you financially protected, please visit our Contact Us page.

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