Save up to 35% on Car Insurance

Start saving with the Claims Free Reward

Get rewarded for being claims free.

We want to reward you with 35% off your car insurance.

If you have been claims free for over a year, you can start saving now. The longer you’re claims-free, the more savings you’ll receive. You’ll get the most out of your savings on your car insurance when you reach the maximum number of consecutive claims-free years applicable to your province.

How it works

Claims Free Rewards

The Claims Free Reward is our way of recognizing your claims-free history by giving you savings on your car insurance.

All TD Insurance car policies are eligible to receive these savings. That means you could save up to 35% on your car insurance.

Thinking about switching to TD Insurance? Don't worry, you'll get savings based on claims-free years with your previous insurer!

Learn how you can qualify to start saving

Discover how you can be eligible to start saving on your car insurance with the Claims Free Reward.

  • If you're new to TD Insurance and haven't had any at-fault accidents in the past year you will automatically start benefitting for being claims-free. If you're an existing customer and have an at-fault accident, you will start benefiting from the Claims Free Reward one year after your renewal.
  • The reward increases the longer you remain free of any at-fault accidents ‒ reaching a maximum after 10 years.
  • When an at-fault accident occurs but is forgiven with our Accident Forgiveness coverage, you'll continue to benefit from your Claims Free Reward.

What affects my savings

How much you can save on your car insurance will vary based on:

  • The number of years each driver has been free of any at-fault accidents
  • How many at-fault accidents each driver has had
  • Whether drivers on the policy qualify for the Driver’s Excellence Discount*

Tips to help avoid an accident

Here are a few preventative steps that might help prevent an accident from occurring

  • Get snow tires installed on your vehicle when the weather dips below 7 °C
  • Make sure your vehicle receives regular maintenance including oil changes, tune ups, and inspections
  • Practice cautious driving at all times, but especially when driving conditions are slippery
  • Use a backup camera to check your surroundings when driving in reverse
  • Be sure to check your blind spots when changing lanes