TD Life Insurance

Take care of your loved ones who depend on you

Apply for TD Term Life Insurance and you could be instantly approved for up to $1,000,000 in coverage if you're aged 50 and under3. Feel confident knowing you have life insurance coverage that can help provide future financial security for your loved ones. Your beneficiaries will receive a tax-free lump sum benefit payment. They can use it to replace lost income, maintain their standard of living, pay for your children’s education, pay off debt and cover your final expenses.

Your exclusive TD Term Life Insurance offer

Take advantage of the features included with our TD Term Life Insurance options.

  1. Application process takes less than 10 minutes

  2. New Brunswick Community College graduates can save 5% on 10-year or 20-year TD Term Life Insurance premiums or save a total of 10% as an existing TD Insurance Home or Auto customer or TD Wealth client

  3. Fixed monthly or annual cost over the entire length of your term1.

  4. Automatic renewal at the end of 10- and 20-year plans without medical exams or questions until you turn 80 years old, at which point your coverage ends2

  5. Option to convert 10- and 20-year plans to permanent coverage any time before you turn 69 years old

  6. Coverage of up to $10 million

Choose the option that works for you

Summary of Exclusions

Here are some examples of when an insurance benefit will not be paid:

  • You die due to suicide within 2 years of the effective date of coverage. In this case, any premiums paid will be returned.
  • If you have concealed or misrepresented any information during the application process.

The above information is intended as a summary only. For complete terms and conditions, including limitations and exclusions, please review the policy specimen below.

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  3. Start your 30-day trial if your application is approved