Save on Car and Home Insurance in Montreal

Living in and around the Montreal area may mean that you are headed down Lakeshore Dr., past cyclists and runners on a hot summer day. It may also mean sitting in traffic on the Decarie Expressway, gazing at the skyline in the distance. Whether you are driving in your car or relaxing at home, feel confident your coverage fits your needs.

With a wide range of insurance packages to choose from, every insurance need can be covered. With the TD insurance savings commitment, there are over 30 ways to save on auto and home insurance so you can feel confident you are saving every dollar possible!

This includes preferred rates for alumni and professionals, with over 800 groups and associations in total to choose from. If you belong to a group, bundle your home and car insurance to save. The top three groups in the Montreal area include Le Diplômés de l'Université de Montréal, Concordia University, and McGill University. Let's find your group today!

How you could save with TD Insurance

Explore some of the most common ways TD Insurance customers are saving on home and car insurance:

  • Green Car Discount

    Drive an IBC recognized hybrid or electric vehicle.

  • Burglar Alarm Discount

    Install an approved alarm system in your home

  • Multi-Vehicle Discount

    Insure more than one household vehicle with us

  • Fire Alarm Discount

    Install an eligible fire alarm system in your home

 The Green Car Discount is also known as the Green Wheel/Hybrid Discount.
1 In the Region/City of Montreal, 90% of all of our clients who belong to a professional or alumni association (underwritten by SECURITY NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY) that have an agreement with us and who insure a home (excluding rentals and condos) and a car on June 30, 2018 saved $400 when compared to the premiums they would have paid without the preferred insurance rate for groups and the multi-product discount.
Savings are not guaranteed and may vary based on the client's profile. Savings vary in each province or region and may be higher or lower than $400, as further particularized below in the following list:
Montreal & West Island could save $400 or more
Some restrictions apply.