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From the Old Sow to Caraquet, New Brunswick's beautiful beaches, salmon-rich rivers, and lush forests make it a wonderful province to call home. In fact, many Canadians are choosing to move to cities like Moncton, Saint John, and Fredericton to take advantage of New Brunswick's more affordable, relaxed lifestyle. However, climate change has resulted in some right windy conditions, more intense precipitation, and more frequent winter thaws throughout the province. Therefore, if you live in New Brunswick, it's essential that you have insurance coverage to help protect your home from severe weather conditions, including hurricanes, blizzards, and floods.

When you buy a home in New Brunswick, your mortgage provider will require you to have a home insurance policy in place for your closing date. Although home insurance isn't mandated by law like car insurance is, having home insurance means that your biggest investment – your home – is protected against things like water damage, high winds, and fire, as outlined in your policy. Home insurance can help you avoid having to pay a large lump sum to repair your home or replace your belongings as a result of a covered claim. It may also help you pay for additional living expenses if you're unable to live in your home while it's being repaired.

If you live in New Brunswick, we can help you get the coverage you need to protect your home and belongings from most damage caused by the province's unpredictable weather – and other stuff too, like theft and personal liability. Using your MyInsurance online account, you can manage your policies and track your claims 24/7. In fact, more than 29,0005 New Brunswickers trust TD Insurance to protect their homes and belongings.

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Home Coverage for your house

It’s not just your house, it’s the place you call home. That’s why we cover:

  1. All risks: Covers your home and belongings against all causes of loss—except those directly mentioned as exclusions in your policy.

  2. Water damage coverage: Insurance coverage for a variety of interior water damage based scenarios including damage caused by the rupture of a heating, plumbing, sprinkler, or air conditioner system. Coverage also includes water damage caused by the escape of water from a domestic water container or appliance, like a dishwasher or a washing machine

  3. Extended water damage coverage††: Additional and optional coverage to cover damages as result of exterior water backing up from sewers or septic tanks, below ground water seepage through walls, foundations and basement floors and overland water from any stream or body of freshwater that enters your home.

  1. Rebuilding to code: Additional costs to repair or rebuild damaged portions of your home to code due to a covered claim. 

  2. Personal liabilityYou’re protected in case a visitor gets injured on your premises, or if you’ve accidentally damaged someone’s property and have to pay for the damages.

  3. Additional living expenses: Includes additional costs for temporary accommodations so you can stay somewhere comfortable if you can't stay at home because of a covered claim.

  4. Legal and home assistance††: When you bundle your home and car insurance with TD Insurance, you get access to free, over-the-phone legal assistance from an external service provider and referrals to our pre-qualified network of home contractors.

††Automatically included, subject to eligibility.

Enhanced Home Coverage for your house

In addition to the coverage listed above, you could get Enhanced Home Coverage for even more protection. Find out more details when you get a home insurance quote:

  • Family coverage : Protection for situations like cyberbullying and parents living in nursing homes.
  • Eco-efficient rebuild: Provides additional coverage above and beyond the cost of repairs as outlined in your policy to allow for eco-efficient upgrades following a covered loss.
  • Claim forgiveness : When your policy renews, your premium won’t be negatively impacted due to your first at-fault claim.
  • Enhanced limitations: Increases the amount of coverage for high-value items, such as fine art, wine, spirits, some collectibles, jewellery and more.

Boost your coverage with optional add-ons

Customize your Home Insurance to suit your unique needs and preferences with additional add-ons.

Ways to save on home insurance

  • Online Quote Savings

    Enjoy extra savings when you get a home insurance quote online.

  • Home Security Savings

    Get rewarded for having a connected alarm for water damage and theft or fire.

  • Multi-home Savings

    If you’re getting insurance for multiple homes, you can save on your premium.

  • Newly Built Home Savings

    If your home is a new build, you can get even more savings on insurance.

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Home Insurance New Brunswick: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Communities closest to the Atlantic Ocean are at the greatest risk for hurricanes in Canada. Before a hurricane, pay attention to local weather reports and follow the guidance for your local area. After the storm, inspect your home if it's safe to do so. Take pictures of anything that needs repairs and include those photos with your insurance claim.

  • Don't miss these key things you need to know about our water damage insurance coverage – like what's already included in your home insurance coverage, and how to get additional coverage you may need.

  • From damaged power lines to potential home repairs and overall safety concerns, find out what you should do if a tree falls on your property.

  • As the age old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Instead of trying to find the cheapest home insurance on the market, learn how to find the right home insurance policy for your unique needs. Plus, see how you can save while still getting coverage you can rely on.

1In order to be eligible for the Buy Online Discount for home or car insurance, you must meet eligibility requirements to buy home or car insurance online and complete your purchase of this insurance online. Note: You may not always be given the option to buy online. This may occur, for example, if information provided requires additional verification or if your purchase must be completed with an advisor based on your specific insurance needs. If you are unable to buy online, we encourage you to call and speak to one of our licensed advisors or let us call you!

Offers may be changed, withdrawn or extended at any time without notice.

210% Home Insurance Savings (not available in Quebec)
10% savings off eligible coverage in the first policy term is derived from a combination of two separate discounts:
- a 5% Digital Discount for completing the home, condo or tenant insurance quote online. This Digital Discount will continue to be applicable upon policy renewal. And
- 5% Buy Online Discount in the first policy term for completing the home, condo or tenant insurance purchase online. Both the Digital Discount and Buy Online Discount are applicable to premiums charged for the base insurance policy and the following endorsements: Above Ground Water, Extended Water Damage and Fuel Overflow or Escape.

3 5% Savings on Home Insurance (Quebec only) Home Insurance: A Buy Online Discount of 5% in the first policy term will be applied to premiums charged for the base insurance policy and the following endorsements: Above Ground Water, Extended Water Damage and Fuel Oil Overflow or Escape
4 Nationally, the 924 new TD Insurance customers who were surveyed between March 11th, 2022 to March 22nd, 2022 and August 7th, 2022 to August 17th, 2022 and who reported annual premium savings upon switching both their residential (home or condominium or tenant) and car insurance policies to TD Insurance reported an average annual premium savings of approximately $940.12. The survey sample consisted of new customers who switched both their residential and car insurance policies to TD Insurance between August 2021 to July 2022. It was conducted with a 95% confidence interval and produced a 3% margin of error. These survey results do not include customers in British Columbia, Manitoba or Saskatchewan. Savings amounts are not guaranteed; actual annual premium savings obtained nationally from switching both residential and car insurance policies to TD Insurance varies based on each customer’s individual insurance profile and province of residence. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply to all offers. Please visit http://www.tdinsurance.com/save for more details.
5 Based on the number of TD Insurance residential insurance customers in New Brunswick as of October 20, 2023.
The content on this page is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Coverages described herein may be subject to additional eligibility criteria, limitations and exclusions. In the event you make a claim, potential indemnification is also subject to the receivability of the claim and the type of coverage you bought. In the case of conflict between the content on this page and your policy wordings, your policy wordings shall take precedence Please speak to an Advisor or consult your policy wordings for further details. Where applicable. Car insurance not available in British Columbia, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan.

Savings apply to premiums charged for base contract and the following endorsements: Above Ground Water, Extended Water Damage and Fuel Overflow or Escape.

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