Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Recovery offers you the support of our experienced team who will work to help you restore your identity.

There were 17,542 Canadian victims of identity fraud and identity theft reported in 2017.1 Identity fraud means that someone has stolen their personal information ‑ such as a social insurance number, a driver’s license or online banking password ‑ with the intent to use that information for unlawful purposes such as accessing account funds, making fraudulent purchases, applying for credit, obtaining a passport, or receiving government benefits. Identity fraud is a fast-growing crime that can take a heavy financial and personal toll on victims.

Among other things, it can cost a good deal of time and money to restore your identity. That’s why we’ve created Identity Theft Recovery, a generous package that offers you the help of skilled professionals, who will work with you until your identity is restored to pre-theft status.

With Identity Theft Recovery, you get these benefits:

  •  You pay no deductible; Should you become a victim of identity theft, a Restoration Specialist will work with you to restore your identity to pre-theft status.;
  •   Your Restoration Specialist helps you contact the relevant authorities, including financial institutions, credit bureaus and other entities with which your personal information was fraudulently used to obtain credit, benefits or services.
  •   Reimbursement for most of the expenses associated with identity theft, such as professional fees charged by lawyers or notaries, legal fees that you may incur should you have to defend yourself against criminal charges, as well as charges for long distance calls and registered mail;
  •   Protection in the event of loss of income.
  •   Additional coverage options may be available. Please speak with an Advisor.


1 Police-reported crime statistics, 2017 (2018, July 23). Retrieved September 27, 2018 from

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