Personal Valuables Coverage

Home insurance can help you protect a lot of what’s important to you, but most policies only offer limited coverage for personal valuables, such as jewellery, watches, wine and works of art.

These limits can be quite generous and are generally sufficient for most situations but in some cases additional coverage may be required.

If you have valuables that exceed the limits set out in your policy, then Personal Valuables Coverage may be the right fit for you.

Learn how adding Personal Valuables Coverage to your TD Insurance home insurance can make you feel confident about your precious treasures.

What is Personal Valuables Coverage?

Personal Valuables Coverage allows you to increase the amount of insurance for a particular item of high value that would otherwise exceed the limit provided in your base policy.

In certain cases, Personal Valuables Coverage can also provide added protection by insuring against losses otherwise excluded in your base policy. For example, Personal Valuables Coverage for Wine & Spirits would add coverage for spoilage due to change in temperature, a loss that would not be covered in your base policy.

Personal Valuables Coverage also offers the option to add a global amount of insurance for certain categories of items. This can be useful when covering a collection of items, saving you the time and hassle of insuring each item individually.

Some common examples of items that can be covered with this option include:

  •   Fine Jewellery
  •   High value watches
  •   Wine and Spirits
  •   Works of Art
  •   Bikes and Non-Motorized Watercraft

If you do have a collection of items, such as a premium watch collection (e.g., Rolex's), or several high-value pieces of art, you may want to consider Personal Valuables Coverage.

We also provide additional coverage for other high-value items, beyond the categories noted above. A TD Insurance Advisor can help you find the right coverage to fit your needs.

Is there anything I need to have ready when I apply for Personal Valuables Coverage?

We may ask you to provide a detailed description of certain items of higher value, including its current appraised value (the amount a professional appraiser determines the item to be worth). This allows us to have the information available for future use if it’s ever needed.

Still have questions about Personal Valuables Coverage? We’re happy to answer them. If you're an existing TD Insurance customer, you can chat with us or manage your policy through MyInsurance. Or, if you're looking to switch to TD Insurance, you can start with a quote.

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