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Car Insurance

Car Insurance - Québec

About our car insurance coverage

The coverage you need

If you own and operate an automobile in Quebec, you are required by law to insure it. Mandatory car insurance coverage includes Civil liability.

The coverage you can add

Most people choose to carry greater coverage than required by law to better protect themselves from financial risk in the event that they are involved in an accident. To learn more about what coverage you can add to your car policy, visit our Additional Coverage page.

In case of discrepancy between the information provided on this website and your insurance policy, your insurance policy prevails. Remember, the exclusions and limitations specified in your policy apply in all circumstances.

The information and examples provided in this section are intended as general information only. This does not constitute legal or insurance advice, nor does it pertain to determination of fault. In all cases, you should speak to an insurance advisor before acting. Your insurance policy contains limitations and restrictions which vary by province and may affect your coverage and/or determine whether or not benefits will be payable.


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