Small Business Insurance for Plumbers

As a plumber, your unique skillset is essential in ensuring your clients can resume their day-to-day lives should something go wrong with their existing pipes or sanitation systems. You are bursting with knowledge and armed with the necessary tools to help fix and restore a very essential foundation in every client's home. At TD Insurance, we are thankful for the work you do, and can help you build a customized insurance plan that protects you, your tools, and your business so that you can hit the ground plumbing. 

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Plumbers Insurance is recommended for:

  1. Residential Plumbers

  1. Commercial Plumbers

Why You Need Plumbers Small Business Insurance

  • Mistakes happen

    If you accidentally cause water damage to a client's home while fixing their pipes.

  • Shield your vehicle

    Protect the wheels that help you haul your tools and gear to your job sites.

  • Protect your tools

    If your wrenches or pipe cutters are damaged in a covered event, we will pay to repair or replace them.

  • Business Income / Business Interruption

    If your plumbing jobs are put on hold due to a covered event, help maintain your income while your operations are restored.

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Coverage Options for Plumbers


It’s easy to choose the right coverage for your business with TD Insurance. We'll help build a customized insurance policy to fit your needs, so you'll be confident you're protected.

TD Insurance Savings Commitment

Along with customizing a policy to fit your business's needs, TD Insurance is committed to savings. We may be able to offer you additional discounts – speak to a licensed TD Insurance Advisor today.

  • Bundle your small business insurance policies and save

  • Alumni and Professional Group Discounts1

  • Discounts for TD Small Business Banking Customers2

Claim Scenarios for Plumbers

Potential Claim:

You're called in to do an installation for a new plumbing connection in your customer’s washroom. One of the valves you have supplied fails overnight, causing damage to their finished basement. Your customer is now filing suit for the extensive property damage.


Potential Outcome:

Your commercial general liability policy may cover any related legal fees, as well as the cost to repair the property damage if you are found liable.


Potential Claim:

You have been working at a new job site all day. Upon completion of the job, you return to the nearby parking lot only to discover that your company vehicle is nowhere to be found. You quickly realize that it has been stolen along with some copper pipe and tools that were located inside your vehicle.


Potential Outcome:

Your commercial auto policy may respond for settlement in the event the vehicle is not recovered or to repair in the event of recovery where the vehicle has sustained damages. Additionally, if you have a commercial property policy with an equipment floater, your policy may respond to cover the functional replacement cost of the missing items.

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