Small Business Insurance for Electricians

You are essential in literally turning the lights on in the lives of your clients! From fixing a fuse, to repairing the wiring in a building; your talents are unique and in high demand. At TD Insurance, we understand that you are juggling multiple tasks and selecting adequate business insurance coverage may be lower on your to-do list. Allow us to help you customize coverage that fits your business' needs so that you can keep giving your clients the spark they need.  

Electricians Insurance is recommended for:

  1. Residential Electricians

  2. Commercial Electricians

  1. Lighting Technicians

Why you need Electricians Small Business Insurance

  • Mistakes happen

    If you accidentally miss a faulty outlet, and cause a fire at one of your job sites.

  • Protect your tools

    If your copper wire is stolen or your tools are damaged in a covered event, we will help pay to repair or replace them.

  • Shield your vehicle

    Protect the wheels that help you arrive to your sites on time.

  • Business Income / Business Interruption

    If you are unable to service your clients due to a covered event, keep your income stable until you get back on your feet.

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Coverage Options for Electricians


It’s easy to choose the right coverage for your business with TD Insurance. We'll help build a customized insurance policy to fit your needs, so you'll be confident you're protected.

TD Insurance Savings Commitment

Along with customizing a policy to fit your business's needs, TD Insurance is committed to savings. We may be able to offer you additional discounts – speak to a licensed TD Insurance Advisor today.

  • Bundle your small business insurance policies and save

  • Alumni and Professional Group Discounts1

  • Discounts for TD Small Business Banking Customers2

Claim Scenarios for Electricians

Potential Claim:

You have been working on the wiring in your client's kitchen. One week after completion, a fire breaks out at your client's property, causing damage to part of their home and a minor burn injury to your client. Your client is claiming your electrical work was faulty, resulting in the fire.


Potential Outcome:

Errors & Omissions may provide coverage for legal defense fees, settlements, and other costs related to allegations of a wrongful act in the event that you are found negligent and liable.


Potential Claim:

You are on your way to visit a jobsite with one of your apprentice employees. On the way, you are involved in a collision with another vehicle where you are at-fault, causing damage to both vehicles. In addition, your employee fractured their arm as a result of the incident.


Potential Outcome:

Your commercial auto policy may cover the cost to repair/replace the company vehicle and the third-party vehicle, as well as any medical expenses incurred due to injuries sustained by your employee during the collision.

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