Small Business Insurance for Photographers & Videographers

As a Photographer or Videographer, you are often a part of your clients most special moments – and your equipment means everything to you and the success of your business. TD Insurance provides you with the customized coverage you need to keep capturing the milestones in your clients’ lives.

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Why you need Photographers & Videographers Small Business Insurance

  • Mistakes can happen

    Protection from lawsuits if you make an error or fail to show up to an event.

  • Shield your vehicle

    Protect the vehicle(s) that helps you travel to your clients’ events.

  • Protecting your property & equipment

    If an insured event leads to items, such as your camera or tripod, breaking.

  • Business Income / Business Interruption

    Keep your salary rolling in if an insured event causes your studio to temporarily close.

TD Insurance Savings Commitment

With TD Insurance for Business, only pay for the coverage you need. And now, you could get up to 15% in discounts on your Commercial Property & Liability policy – speak to a licensed TD Insurance Advisor today1.

  • Bundle and save

    Save 5% when you bundle your commercial property & liability with your commercial auto policy.1

  • Alumni & Professional savings

    Save 5% for eligible Alumni and Professional Groups.1

  • TD Customer Loyalty Discount

    Save 5% for being an existing TD customer.1

Photographers & Videographers Insurance is recommended for:

  1. Portrait Photographers

  2. Event Photographers

  3. Wedding Photographers

  1. Photography Studios

  2. Event Videographers

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Coverage Options for Photographers & Videographers


It’s easy to choose the right coverage for your business with TD Insurance. We'll help build a customized insurance policy to fit your needs, so you'll be confident you're protected.

Claim Scenarios for Photographers & Videographers

Potential Claim:

You've spent all of Saturday shooting a wedding. Upon returning to your office, you've lost the memory card and cannot produce any photos to the married couple from their wedding day. The couple sues for failure to deliver services.

Potential Outcome:

Errors & Omissions provides coverage for legal defense fees, settlements, and other costs related to allegations of a wrongful act.

Potential Claim:

You're driving home late in the day in poor weather conditions. You end up driving off the road; hitting a pole. You have sustained minor injuries.

Potential Outcome:

If you are injured in an auto accident, accident benefits coverage will help cover medical bills and rehabilitation regardless of whether you are at-fault or not.

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