Small Business Insurance for Brokers & Consultants

As a Broker or Consultant, your priority is the success of your business and that of your clients – which can expose you to certain risks. With the ability to customize your insurance, we can help you choose coverage that is best aligned to the needs of your brokerage or consulting firm.

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Brokers & Consultants Insurance is recommended for:


  1. Insurance Brokers

  2. Mortgage Brokers

  3. Stockbrokers

  1. Management Consultants

  2. Financial Planners

Why You Need Brokers or Consultants Small Business Insurance

  • Accidents happen

    Protection from lawsuits if your client is injured while visiting your firm.

  • Crime protection

    If you discover a dishonest employee has been cashing out client cheques.

  • Protect your property & equipment

    Protect your firm, laptops and equipment from damages caused by insured events.

  • Business Income / Business Interruption

    Protect your finances if your firm is temporarily shut down due to an insured event.

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Coverage Options for Brokers & Consultants


It’s easy to choose the right coverage for your business with TD Insurance. We'll help build a customized insurance policy to fit your needs, so you'll be confident you're protected.

TD Insurance Savings Commitment

Along with customizing a policy to fit your business's needs, TD Insurance is committed to savings. We may be able to offer you additional discounts – speak to a licensed TD Insurance Advisor today.

  • Bundle your small business insurance policies and save

  • Alumni and Professional Group Discounts1

  • TD Customer Loyalty Discount2

Claim Scenarios for Brokers & Consultants

Potential Claim:

Your assistant makes fraudulent purchases on the corporate credit card.

Potential Outcome:

The policy may respond to funds transfer fraud under the Fidelity/Crime coverage option.

Potential Claim:

While out on business, you are rear-ended at a stop light which causes significant damage to your vehicle. While your vehicle is in for repairs, the additional coverage purchased (Loss of Use endorsement) provides coverage for the rental vehicle you require in order to continue to run your business while your vehicle is repaired.

Potential Outcome:

Loss of Use Endorsement provides coverage for you when you need to pay for other means of transportation because of loss or damage to your automobile caused by an insured event.

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