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Gold Advantage

Comprehensive home
insurance coverage

A simple way to stick to your budget.

What’s included with Gold Advantage home insurance

When you’re sticking to a strict budget but still want all-risk coverage for your home and/or personal property, our Gold Advantage protection is the answer. It provides basic comprehensive home insurance coverage at an affordable price.

Gold Advantage — Homeowner’s Insurance Policies
Coverage details
Home (building)
(For homeowner’s insurance policies only.)
All risk
Property (contents) All risk
Replacement value
(For homeowner’s insurance policies only.)
Property temporarily outside your home 100% of insured amount
Additional cost of reconstruction due to by-laws
(For homeowner’s insurance policies only.)
Mysterious disappearance Excluded
Gold Advantage — Condo Insurance & Renter’s Insurance Policies
Coverage details
Property (contents) All risk
Property temporarily outside your home 100% of insured amount
Mysterious disappearance Excluded
Limitations — All Policies
Property belonging to a student living outside the home Up to $2,500
Business property $2,000 at home
Stamp collections $1,000
Coins and medals $200
Jewellery and furs $2,000
Card collections $1,000
Bicycles $500 each

*Subject to the exclusions and limitations of the policy. Coverage limitations may vary in Québec. In case of discrepancy, the policy wording always prevails.

Here are brief explanations of the terms used to describe our Home Insurance Advantage packages:

  • All-risk coverage is also known as all-perils coverage and provides insurance for common types of loss (e.g. fire, theft, etc.). It clearly states what is excluded.
  • Designated-risk coverage is also known as named-perils coverage and names the specific types of risk that are included in your coverage.

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What's considered standard on home insurance coverage?
While policies can differ greatly, there are some standards features that are part of just about every home insurance plan, including:

  • Building coverage — if you own a house or condo (if you need it)
  • Contents — your personal property
  • Personal liability — should someone hurt themselves while visiting your home
  • Additional living expenses — for temporary accommodations and expenses if you cannot live at home due to covered loss or damage

How are home insurance premiums calculated?
Many factors are taken into account when calculating home insurance, including:

  • Geography — Are you in a high theft area?
  • Amount of coverage — The higher the coverage amount, the higher your rates.
  • Optional coverage add-ons — For example, since water damage coverage does not cover floods, you may want to add optional coverage such as sewer back-up water damage coverage.
  • Your deductible — You can choose to lower or raise your deductible (the amount you pay on a claim). The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums.
  • Safety features — An alarm system, smoke detectors and other security features may help reduce the cost of your home insurance.
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