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Real TD Insurance stories from real people

Rick and Leanne turned a potential setback into a moment of empowerment

When the water filtration system in Rick and Leanne Weins’ home malfunctioned in the middle of the night, their kitchen was left under water and they were left in a panic. But with a simple call to TD Insurance and a prompt visit from a Claims Advisor, their home insurance coverage helped them turn what could have been a potentially tough experience into a feeling of reassurance — allowing them to sleep easy once again.

Even when the unexpected happened, Ken and Alex had peace of mind during a difficult situation.

After Ken’s son was involved in an accident, TD Insurance was there to help them get back on their feet. See how TD Insurance gave Ken and Alex the confidence and reassurance that they would be taken care of when the unexpected happened.

During any disaster, we’re here to help

When disaster strikes, we’re there to help make sure our customers are confident they’ll have what they need to recover and rebuild.

There are 5,000+ TD Insurance employees ready to help when you need it.

Our Mobile Response Units have responded to events from coast to coast.

We’ve handled over 50,000 catastrophe claims since 2016.

Real TD Insurance stories from Fort McMurray

In May of 2016, disaster struck and the city of Fort McMurray proved its strength. As wildfires tore through the town, it was a call to action for TD Insurance and our 30 employees who call Fort McMurray home. But more so, it was a chance for brave residents to show strength, determination and perseverance by helping their neighbours and beginning to rebuild.

Zack found the strength to start over

“Right from the beginning, I always said, ‘somebody has to be the first person to move back into their house.’ And I said, ‘Why not me?’” —Zack, TD Insurance Customer

After the disaster, here’s how we helped Zack Bennett set a positive example for his neighbours by immediately moving into a house and re-establishing his home.*

Veena stepped up when Fort McMurray needed her

“That very moment when a customer asks for assistance, you can only imagine what they are going through… Your job is to support that individual and their loved ones any way you can.” —Veena Krishna, TD Insurance Catastrophic Claims Analyst

On good days, Veena’s job only requires her to work from the comfort of an office. But when disaster strikes, she and others move swiftly to help as part of the TD Insurance Mobile Response Unit. **

Major disasters. Minor setbacks. We can help.

Real customers share how TD Insurance helped them feel confident they were taken care of when it mattered most.

Ken M. Round Lake, ON: “TD Insurance was responsive and communicative and treated me as a human.”

Sherri F. Edmonton, AB: “Every time I’ve had to call, the person on the phone has been incredibly understanding. I really appreciate that.”

Marsha S. Ajax, ON: “I was involved in a car accident two years ago, and the service with my claims adjuster was amazing.”

John C. Swift Current, SK:“TD Insurance is there when you need them and respond quickly to claims.”

Allison B. Orangeville, ON: “I have always found the service, responsiveness, and value of your products to be wonderful.”

These comments were given freely and voluntarily by these individuals, following the processing and settlement of their claims. All individuals were TD Insurance customers at the moment these comments were made.

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