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TD CASH Insurance Benefits at a Glance

Why Insurance for Hospitalization?

No one ever expects to fall ill or be in an accident. But these things do happen. In fact, in 2004 an average of more than 7,500 people were hospitalized in Canada every single day – and the average stay in hospital was almost seven days1.

We never know what will happen tomorrow. What we can do is get prepared today.

Government accident and sickness insurance plans don’t cover all the costs

We’re fortunate to have a good health care system in Canada. But we all know that government plans don’t pay for everything. It’s also important to remember that:

  • Life insurance does not provide hospitalization benefits.
  • Disability insurance does not provide hospitalization benefits.
  • Accident insurance coverage is limited to accidents.
And the additional expenses of hospitalization can quickly add up.
  • In-hospital costs such as semi-private or private hospital care.
  • Personal expenses for things such as additional childcare.
  • Family and other visitor expenses for parking, visitor taxi costs, babysitting, food, etc.
  • Recovery expenses for trips back and forth to the doctor, special household needs, in-home care, etc.

Insurance coverage for both accidents and sickness

One of the things that make the TD CASH plan especially valuable is that it provides protection for hospitalization due to both accident and new illness2. Other plans that cover hospital costs limit benefit payments to accidents only. With the TD CASH plan, you’re covered regardless of whether your hospital stay is as a result of accident or illness2.

  • If you are admitted as in inpatient for at least two days3 as a result of an accident or new illness, TD CASH will pay your benefit for each day you are in hospital.

Daily hospital benefits (up to $73,0004 total)

The TD CASH plan can pay up to $200 a day for each day up to 365 days that you spend in a Canadian hospital as a result of an accident or new illness. That’s up to $73,000 in tax free benefits. These benefits are paid directly to you in addition to any other insurance you might have.

Guaranteed acceptance for you and your family

As a TD Bank Group5 customer between the ages of 18 and 60 your acceptance is guaranteed. Your spouse can also be covered, as can your dependent children. Please note, coverage is not available in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador or New Brunswick.

Affordable, level premiums

You get all these valuable benefits at affordable group rates. What’s more, your premiums are guaranteed to remain the same (unless they change for all group certificate holders with the same level of coverage).

A no-risk way to get the accident and illness coverage you need