Water Damage Video

Water Damage

Water damage from plumbing problems, appliance and water heater breakdowns results in thousands of insurance claims annually.
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Did you know?

Our standard home insurance policy covers certain types of water damage. Since every property is different, you may also choose to customize your insurance by purchasing additional water damage coverage.

Smoke Damage Video

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke can damage your home or destroy it in a matter of minutes. A TD Insurance policy provides a foundation upon which to start rebuilding. Watch the video.


Did you know?

Our home insurance policy not only provides coverage for fire damage from the examples above, but smoke damage as well. It also covers the cost of temporary accommodations, and food expenses, while your home is being repaired or rebuilt as a result of fire or smoke damage.

Weather Video


Your home is a place of refuge, but when weather conditions become extreme and cause damage you need to know where you stand.
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Did you know?

Some water damage can be caused by weather and may require additional coverage. Please check with an advisor to understand your options and get the coverage that is most suitable to your specific needs.

Contents Video


Your personal property may be more valuable than you think. A TD Insurance home policy can help you if it is stolen or damaged.
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Did you know?

A majority of TD Insurance customers benefit from our replacement value option. This option gives you the current replacement value for your stolen or damaged items even if it is more than their current value. For example: If your 5-year-old TV was lost in a fire, you would get the full amount it would cost to replace it, even if that is more than you paid for that TV in the first place.

Liability Coverage Video

Liability Coverage

Accidents will happen. A TD Insurance home policy can help you pick up the pieces when they do.
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Did you know?

Our liability coverage can pay for damages to another person’s property. In addition, we can also pay for legal defense costs incurred if a lawsuit is filed as a result of these damages.