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Critical Accident Recovery Plan Plus

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Financial support in case of
an accident

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What is Critical Accident Insurance?

The Critical Accident Recovery Plan Plus is a coverage that can help bridge the often overlooked gap in insurance protection and help pay benefits for lifestyle changes and recovery expenses in the event of a critical accident that causes a covered loss. The right insurance coverage can make the difference between struggling with expenses and putting your life together in the best way.

How does Critical Accident Insurance help?

After surviving a critical accident, many individuals face the challenges of having less income — or none at all — if they can no longer resume their line of work. They may also need to re-engineer their home or vehicle, travel abroad for medical treatments, pay for long-term nursing care or motorized wheelchair, among other things. In situations like these, the Critical Accident Recovery Plan Plus could help protect your family's financial future while you focus on your recovery.

What if I already have Life Insurance?

Life and disability coverage are important, but could leave gaps in your personal accident protection. Typically, a more extensive disability policy will only cover up to 70% of pre-disability income and only for a limited time.

Take a look at the stats

  • Every week, an average of 3,200 Canadians suffer a critical accident1
  • Of these 3,200 Canadians, 97% survive1
  • Injuries are the leading cause of hospitalization for children, young adults and seniors2

What benefits are provided?

  • Get a tax-free benefit of up to $150,000, depending on the severity of your injury or loss
  • Benefit of $200 a day for a Canadian hospital stay for up to 365 days – covers many types of accidents
  • $3,000 lump sum benefit for eligible broken bones

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