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What is Hospitalization Insurance?

TD Coverage for Accident and Sickness Hospitalization (TD CASH) can help you cover expenses and additional costs if you find yourself in a hospital. With this coverage, you can focus on getting better, not on how additional hospital expenses are adding up.

How does Hospitalization Insurance help?

In-hospital costs such as semi-private or private hospital care can add up quickly, but with TD CASH coverage, you can get tax-free benefits paid out directly to you. That means you can choose how to spend your money and address your needs, from family expenses like visitor parking, babysitting, and food, to recovery expenses like travel, household needs, and in-home care. Plus, what makes the TD CASH plan especially valuable is that it provides protection for hospitalization due to both accidents and new illnesses.

Doesn’t my provincial plan cover this?

Government accident and sickness insurance plans cover some, but not all hospitalization-related costs. Expenses can add up quickly, from babysitters to parking and in-home care. TD CASH means you and your family will have a little less to worry about.

Take a look at the stats

  • In 2010, the average hospital stay was just over 7 days1
  • Every minute of every day, 5 people in Canada are admitted to hospital2
  • That’s an average of over 7,500 people hospitalized per day in Canada2

What benefits are provided?

  • Receive a benefit of up to $200 per day if you are hospitalized for at least two days
  • Obtain a Recovery Benefit or a cash payment up to $200 from after the second day of hospitalization

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