Hitting the Road in your RV

Your bags are packed, check. You’ve mapped out the ultimate road trip, check. You’ve got a full tank of gas, check. What about the right type of insurance coverage on your motorhome, camper van, or trailer?

The importance of getting RV insurance before you leave

Before you get into gear, it's important to make sure your recreational vehicle (RV) is covered in case anything happens on the road. From fender benders to theft or even damages from extreme weather, the right coverage will help make your trip a memorable one for all the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

Whether you’re in a motorhome, trailer, or car, standard auto insurance doesn't typically cover belongings. In your RV, you’re basically living in a home on the road, so contents insurance is important. Your home insurance will typically only cover things you temporarily take from your home (for example, your camera or laptop) not things that permanently live in your RV, truck camper, or fifth wheel (like pots and pans or bedding). So extra coverage is often a good idea.

One great RV coverage for everywhere you go

Grand Touring Solution for Motorhomes and Recreational Trailers is an optional bundle add-on that complements your motorhome or recreational trailer insurance policy. It provides coverage, up to a specified limit, for the following items:

  • Loss of use (This coverage provides a replacement vehicle, and/or covers additional transportation costs incurred while your RV is being repaired or replaced following a covered loss.)
  • Loss of use extension (Covers additional travel expenses that you may incur while your RV is being repaired or replaced following a covered loss, such as meals and accommodations.)
  • Legal liability for non-owned motorhome and recreational trailer (This is useful if you rent another RV.)
  • Contents permanently kept in your RV
  • Removal of deductible in case of total loss or hit-and-run
  • Emergency Roadside Service (If your RV becomes disabled; you may be reimbursed for towing and other emergency road service expenses.)

Because there are different types of recreational vehicles and different types of coverage, it may seem a little confusing. But what’s clear, is that we’re here to help you protect your home away from home. Connect with someone at TD Insurance so we can walk you through your options. That way, nothing will stand in the way between you and the open road ahead.

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