Drive an electric vehicle? Find out how to save with the Green Wheel Discount

Drive an electric vehicle? Find out how to save with the Green Wheel Discount

Supporting a Low-Carbon Economy

Green Wheel Discount

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TD Insurance is currently offering a Green Wheel Discount to those that are doing their part to go "green". Going "green" means making a smart and eco-friendly choice to drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.* Since driving an electric or hybrid vehicle benefits the environment by reducing smog and greenhouse gas emissions, TD Insurance wants to recognize the contribution of those individuals who aim to make a difference. It’s the TD Insurance way of saying thank you for thinking about the planet! Including the Green Wheel Discount†, there are up to 30** ways you can save on auto and home insurance from TD Insurance.

"Go-green" initiatives are not new at TD. For nearly a decade, TD has been on a mission to reduce environmental impact by working towards a cleaner, greener future. TD's initiatives include a target of $100 billion to support the transition to a low-carbon economy, by working with companies, ventures, and projects that drive innovation and contribute to carbon emissions reductions. To learn more about TD and the environment, visit:

Up to 30 ways to save on home & auto insurance

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