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Rental Car Insurance Claims

Am I covered for a rental car after an accident?

Your TD Insurance policy can cover rental cars, too. It's easy to confirm your rental vehicle coverage when you log into MyInsurance online services. You'll have immediate access to all the coverage details you need.

Your coverage typically starts once your vehicle is in for repairs. No matter what stage of your claims journey you’re in, we are available by phone, online and in person to answer your questions and to provide guidance (like recommendations for trusted vendors) so you can feel confident in your coverage.

Getting you back on the road after an accident

Feel confident about getting back on the road after an accident. TD Insurance has solutions dedicated to help you get a comparable rental car when you need it most.

  • Depending on your car insurance policy, you might already have rental car insurance in the event of an accident involving your own vehicle
  • Not all vehicles are the same, so we make it easy to rent a vehicle that is similar to the one you currently drive. We are here to make your experience as stress-free as possible
  • Your rental vehicle may be subject to a daily limit or per claim limit. You can find details on these limits by logging in to MyInsurance online services or by speaking with a TD Insurance advisor
  • When your car is in the shop, it’s nice to know that the work is being done by professionals you can trust. That’s why we’ve created TD Insurance Auto Centres. There you’ll find on-site certified repair technicians you can count on. If you’re looking for a different provider, you can use an auto shop of your choice or one of our Preferred Vendors. We’ll leave that up to you.

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