Over 10 ways to save on home insurance.

Over 10 ways to save on home insurance.

The TD Insurance Savings Commitment

Feel confident you're saving every dollar possible

What’s the TD Insurance Savings Commitment™? It means that at TD Insurance we'll work with you to find all the ways you could save on your home insurance. You might already be doing things that can save you money, like having a fire alarm or a burglar alarm in your home.

Call us today to learn more about all the ways that you can save.

Already have a TD Insurance policy? Speak to a TD Insurance Advisor today if something has changed in your life, like if you've made recent upgrades to your home such as replacing your roof.

How you could save with TD Insurance

  • Burglar Alarm Discount: Install an approved alarm system in your home.
  • Fire Alarm Discount: Install an eligible fire alarm system in your home.
  • Mortgage Free Discount: Your home is free of a mortgage or secured line of credit.
  • Alumni & Professional Preferred Rates: Ask about our alumni or group preferred rates.

A TD Insurance Advisor will be able to provide more information on conditions and eligibility.
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