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TD Term 10: 10-year term life insurance

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TD Term 10 life insurance coverage

TD Term 10 will pay a tax-free, lump-sum amount to your designated beneficiaries should you die while the policy is in effect.

Here are the specifics:

Term period

10 years, renewable every 10 years to age 80

Coverage range $50,000 to $5 million
Premiums Fixed for 10 year intervals
Payment options Monthly or annual. Get a discount when you pay annually
Death benefit Tax-free, lump sum paid to your designated beneficiaries
Convertible to permanent coverage Switch to a TD Term to 100 at any time until you are 69 years old, with no medical exam
Reinstatement of policy (after missed or cancelled payments) Subject to approval, can be reactivated within 2 years of policy lapsing due to non-payment of premium
Additional options (added at time of purchase for additional cost) When you purchase a TD Term 10 plan before age 59, you can add the Waiver of Premium, which ensures coverage if you become disabled before age 65
Eligibility requirements Must be 18 to 70 years of age, and a resident of Canada (except for Quebec)
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Can I change my TD Term 10 policy to a permanent life insurance policy?
With TD Term 10 or TD Term 20, you can convert to TD Term to 100 (permanent insurance) at any time until you reach age 69, with no medical questions. You should note that coverage under both the TD Term 10 and the TD Term 20 terminates on your 80th birthday — another reason why you might want to convert to TD Term to 100 before you reach age 69.

Will my premiums change as I get older?
If you purchase TD Term 10 or TD Term 20 the premium you pay is guaranteed for the length of your first term 10 or 20 years depending on the plan that you choose. Your coverage is guaranteed to renew automatically until you reach age 80 but your premiums will increase at every 10 or 20-year term

What if my health changes?
Your premiums for TD term life insurance are fixed at the beginning of the term and will not change regardless of any negative changes to your health. If you were smoking when you purchased your policy but quit smoking later you can apply to TD Life for lower non-smoker rates.

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