Fire Safety Tips for Summer

The arrival of summer means more opportunities to enjoy outdoor fun with family and friends. Follow these important tips from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs to help protect against fire hazards and safety risks.

Firing up the grill:

  • Never use a BBQ indoors or in an enclosed space – it’s not only a fire hazard but it can expose you or your family to dangerous and toxic gases
  • Place your BBQ well away from combustible objects or materials such as decks, fences or plants
  • Never leave your grill unattended when lit
  • Check your propane tanks and lines to make sure they are properly fitted and clean the drip tray regularly

Enjoying fireworks:

  • Designate a responsible adult to be in charge of discharging all fireworks
  • Keep a water hose and pail close at hand in case of emergency
  • Keep your audience a safe distance away and against the wind to avoid blowing debris in their direction
  • If you have a dud firework, place it in a bucket of water for at least 30 minutes before safely disposing it
  • Keep sparklers away from children – they may seem like a safe novelty, but sparklers burn extremely hot and can easily set clothing ablaze

Campfire Do’s and Definitely Don’ts:

  • Always build your campfire where there’s no risk of it spreading – well away from tents, trailers, dry grass, leaves, overhanging tree branches or anything else that could ignite
  • Never use gasoline as an aid to starting a campfire and definitely never add it to an open flame as the flame could travel up the stream and into the container in your hand
  • Keep plenty of water and a shovel around to douse the fire when you’re done
  • Always put your campfire out with sand AND water

Keeping your home safe in the summer and year-round:

  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries if needed
  • Check your fire extinguishers to ensure they are in good working condition
  • Make sure everyone in your home is familiar with your building’s or your family’s fire escape plan
  • Check that all windows and doors used in case of evacuation remain unobstructed and open easily

By following these simple tips and putting in the time to create a safe environment, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the pleasant summer weather. For more great advice on preventing fires at your home or cottage, read up on Fire Damage Prevention.

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