How to Help Prevent Car Theft

Did you know a car is stolen every 5 minutes in Canada? 1  The increasing number of car thefts across the country has many Canadians on high-alert and looking for ways to help protect their vehicles. In fact, more car owners are seeking out extra gadgets and devices to keep their vehicles secure. Although all automakers must adhere to the federally regulated anti-theft deterrent standards that were introduced in 20072, those regulations don't necessarily cover some of the more modern features that we've come to expect from new cars – like wireless start, and keyless, push-to-start ignition. Therefore, investing in additional anti-theft technology can help make your car a less appealing target for potential theft.

In the article below, we introduce some of the different anti-theft devices on the market today and share a few simple tips to help ensure your car stays where you park it.

What are some things I can do to prevent my car from being stolen?

There are many things you can do to help keep your vehicle safe, including:

  • Keeping your vehicle locked – even if you're only stepping away from it temporarily.
  • Never leaving your keys in an unattended car.
  • Keeping valuables – especially computers and cell phones – out of sight.
  • Ensuring your car's security system is in good working order.
  • Keeping the exterior of your home well lit – especially where you park your car – to allow any unwanted visitors to be seen.

You may also want to consider installing cameras on the exterior of your home. This can prevent thieves from targeting your car and will also catch them in the act if they're still bold enough to go through with it. Plus, it could make you eligible for additional home insurance discounts. Contact a TD Insurance advisor for details.

Protect your vehicle with an anti-theft device.

If the rise in car thefts has you worried about your vehicle, you may want to purchase a key fob protector, steering wheel locking device, anti-theft tracking device, and/or an electronic engine immobilizer. These anti-theft systems may reduce the chances of your vehicle being stolen.

  • Key fob protectors are designed to block signals, which prevents thieves from intercepting and replicating your key's code – ultimately making it more difficult to steal your car.
  • Steering wheel locking devices act as a visible deterrent and physically obstruct the steering wheel, making it challenging for would-be thieves to operate the vehicle.
  • Anti-theft tracking devices are equipped with GPS technology, allowing you to locate your car in real-time if it's stolen. These devices increase the chances of recovery and help to discourage theft in the first place.
  • Electronic engine immobilizers electronically disable the engine of your vehicle when an unauthorized key or key fob is used, making your car inoperable. If you're thinking about using an electronic engine immobilizer to help protect your vehicle, be sure to have it professionally installed – and don't forget to consult your dealership and/or your leasing or financing company to ensure your electronic engine immobilizer won't impact any warranties you may have on your vehicle.

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Last year over $500 million worth of vehicles were stolen in the GTA alone3. Ontario TD Insurance customers are eligible for an Anti-Theft Discount on their Comprehensive, Specified Perils, or All Perils coverage premium when they have an approved, professionally installed after-market anti-theft system or electronic engine immobilizer installed on their vehicle. Contact a TD Insurance advisor for details. 

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I tried to protect my car, but it still got broken into/stolen. What do I do?

In the unfortunate event that your car has been stolen, broken into, or vandalized in any way, contact your local police station to file a police report. If you're a TD Insurance customer and have Comprehensive Coverage, Specified Perils, or All Perils on your insurance policy, contact us to make a claim.

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